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I quite enjoyed that episode

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i know i'm just going to sound like a broken record but that was one of the best episodes of tv all year in a very very strong year for tv


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It explained some things that I was wondering about but I'm still waiting to see where this goes.

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I can't be the only one who got serious Birdman vibes from this episode.

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Alright, alright, I will check it out...

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This show is great
When I saw the first episode I was like "Meh... not exactly what I was expecting" but the story and the characters are really good!
Btw, Jeremy Irons is perfect as Veidt

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this show is so hot, but the episode 7 promo seems too trippy to even start comprehending

regarding next ep
that same ad shows no looking glass, but a quick shot of petey in his bunker. i’m assuming a dude that paranoid found a way out of the mess and ended up killing everyone who came after him and was probs hiding in his bunker, and blake, too busy with angela, sent petey for him, but ngl it’s kinda troubling me that there’s no confirmation on whether he’s alive

like if he’s dead or alive just to show up at the very last moment so he could die, i’m going to toss my tv out

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Yeah, I thought Ep. 1-4 were too much based on mystery-box narrative, 5 & 6 were absolutely extraordinary television. Especially last night.

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