Ad Astra (2019)

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Got a chance to see the film a couple days ago. Absolutely beautiful, both in visuals and it's underlying meaning. Still thinking about it. Very original, though if I were to compare to other films, it reminded me of Interstellar mixed with Blade Runner. I would definitely consider it one of the great space films (not very many of those around). The only thing I expected a little more from was the score.

All in all though, one of the year's greats. Would recommend 100%. I feel it's going to fly under the radar, undeservedly so.

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Seeing this in IMAX on Friday.

It isn't playing at the AMC Flagship in Dolby for god knows what reason.

Really excited, hoping to like this a lot more than Lost City of Z.


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Lost City of Z was pure bliss for me

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Just came out of the theater. I wanted to love this so bad...

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Hadn't seen any reviews of this beforehand so I went in with mild expectations. Was still disappointed.

This movie is like the final season of GoT for me. On every technical level it's a masterpiece created by some brilliant people, the score is also fantastic and obviously the acting is great. But I thought the writing was aboslutely terrible.

The psychological themes of the movie were very good, and that together with the premise should make for an interesting story. But the movie is filled with stupid sci-fi clichés, uninspiring inner monologue that doesn't add anything to the story, new characters that that have stuff happen to them that I'm supposed to care about but I don't, and dumb little plot points that are there only to bring the movie forward.

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I wonder if there will be people around here giving this a side eye because they're jelly about Interstellar.

I enjoyed all the main space films released around Interstellar, including Gravity and The Martian (heck I even liked Passengers). This looks like it might be another winner but I'm still not sold on Gray as director so this is my only fear thus far.

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Liked it quite a bit. The construct is admittedly derivative but the imagery is fresh and the character work is strong.

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did BPitt have a shirtless scene?

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Nomis wrote:
September 17th, 2019, 9:29 am
Lost City of Z was pure bliss for me

This is a sweaty try-hard, I am sad to report.

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