Ad Astra (2019)

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I recommend you watch this if you didn't like the feel of the first trailer

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Looks good. The score is much better this time around. It doesn't feel like there's less action, but it's edited in a less clichéd, "Hollywood"-way.
LEXX wrote:
July 17th, 2019, 7:02 pm
The only thing that is bad is the CGI. I remembered how cheesy Logan trailer was but I have heard and read enough that I have confident with Dark Fate. Ad Strata on the other hand is a mess and doesn't know what it wants to be and who the heck is James Gray again?
It's not just the CGI. The casting for the Terminator looks horrendous, utterly unfrightening. His alloy skin can diverge from his body and form a whole new Terminator, skin and all? It should really only be able to form the skeleton, but I'm guessing the filmmakers felt we had to see the actor's bland face. And who is Tim Miller? Oh, the guy that has made a single alright movie and doesn't have a proven track record? James Grey is far more critically reliable. Then you have the horrible greyscale color grading that Miller is so fond of, sapping the life out of every frame. How many times can we see an old Arnold come back to join a younger crew? The whole series is just constant déjà vu. It's not simply the CGI, none of the action looked good in that trailer—not any at all.

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Score isn't Richter's:

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Although it's nice I'm kinda glad it isn't because it's very Richter-ish :lol:

Ended up watching the trailer. Liked it a lot and the hype definitely increased.
Gray isn't shy about the 2001 influences with the lighting and set design.

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Great new trailer. Hyped :clap:

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LelekPL wrote:
July 18th, 2019, 2:45 am
LEXX wrote:
July 17th, 2019, 7:02 pm
I remembered how cheesy Logan trailer was
What? The Johnny Cash trailer was one of the best ones we've had for superhero movies.
Cheesy as in terrible action scene like a character is being rigged on a wire-ful. But the trailer is great over all.

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This trailer is so much better.

I'm so pumped for this.

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m4st4 wrote:
June 5th, 2019, 10:33 pm
To me this looks like a trailer trying to sell a mainstream quasi love story/quasi action movie in space... and it clearly isn't. Look past the music and specific way of editing here, I'm sure this is completely different. Reminds me of how Sunshine was portrayed in that legendary trailer vs. what it actually was.

Do I actually believe this will also secretly be the new space classic? No, not really, but doesn't look that bad either. We've just seen a lot of the genre defining space movies in our time and a lot of the 'space' cues are definitely here, therefore the familiarity aspect is strong. Weird as it may seem, if I could compare Ad Astra with boxing subgenre, one would hope for this to be more like The Warrior than Creed II.

Wait, why didn't I just go for the actual space movies... Mission to Mars, rather than Red Planet? Lol.
Like I said the first time, now confirmed. Can’t wait for this!

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