Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

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Ace wrote:
August 22nd, 2020, 1:28 pm
Looks like 100% disposable garbage, so I'm guessing 95% on rottentomatoes for this one. :lol:

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I wish they didn't reveal Cheetah.

Looking forward to the island scenes though.

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That was a lot of built up hype for a very meh trailer. First one was way better.. also Cheetah looks like she needs some work.

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this looks great but im not sorry


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I liked it and hearing Wiig speak more.

Do agree about Cheetah needing more work.

I'll see the movie...eventually. Somewhere. May not be a theater though if it opens this year.

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Aight, looking forward to Wiigs performance

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Like the Cheetah design but that was a weird choice for her first scenes. How about a build up to a close-up, hm? Otherwise I was already on board with this movie after that first showing.
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It's a good trailer, it does its job. The last trailer that actually wowed me was the 3rd trailer for TDKR and that was 8 years ago and mainly because of the music created specifically for that trailer so since then I haven't been impressed by trailers in general and I have stopped expecting for them to wow me.

I now at least I get how and why Chris Pine's character is back. I also like the Cheetah design, though I would love to see it in a scene set during the day instead of at night but ok.

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