Netflix's The Witcher

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If we're comparing the two, then this show is like a straight C student.

It doesn't reach the lows of The Mandalorian, nor the highs.

It's just steadily watchable.

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Great artwork by Inna Vjuzhanina


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Okay... That is not just fanart, that art has soul.

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This show feels like the grimdark edgelord version of the silly 90s Hercules: The Legendary Journeys tv show.

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The first season is a very pleasant B- but I'm delighted at its success. It's a series with a lot of potential. Cavill is genuinely great.


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Showrunner is constantly communicating with fans on reddit and sharing her vision for the future. I'm sure that some narrative conundrums will be fixed for s02 and the basis is more than solid.

Toss a coin to your Witcher into 2021 when this becomes even bigger than it already is.

Now I need to start that rewatch...

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Okay after this insanely busy school month I'll try to binge this

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Finished this. Started off rough, but got better. I'll watch a second season. Though, I really don't see the point of telling the story in different timelines, fantasy stories are already confusing enough with all the world-building and introductions of characters and places.

Also, there wasn't much screentime for the Witcher in the last two episodes...

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Elon Musk just tweeted 'toss a coin to your witcher' so I guess we almost fully mainstream now.

S02 in early 2021 will be start of a beautiful relationship with Netflix, more linear approach to storytelling has been confirmed recently, and it makes sense since...
... Geralt and Ciri finally united at the end.

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