IT: Chapter Two (2019)

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The cosmic turtle is not in the upcoming film.

He's Maturin, one of Stephen King's Guardians that is explored more heavily in the multiverse of the Dark Towers series. He is best know for vomiting out the universe when he had a stomach ache.
Him and Pennywise are arch enemies that have battled throughout time and space.

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My sister was explaining Pennywise to me and the character lore is just fascinating. I don't expect it to be explored in the movie but I def need to make time to read the book.

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Well damn, this is coming out next week. Somehow I thought it was somewhere in October or something lol

Anyway, planning on seeing this next Thursday or Friday. Possibly doing a re-watch of the first film prior. Have only seen it once.

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While it does suffer from depending too much on flashback scenes to fill up it's rather unnecessary 169 minute runtime, it works because you believe in the dynamics between each of the members of the Losers Club. And I also admired how it doesn't shy away from the weirdness of the book instead of just going for the scares. What I'm most looking forward to is seeing how Muschietti is able to blend both movies together.

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Aww, man. I really wanted this to be better than it was. It wasn't really scary. I kinda knew that it couldn't be based on the first one, which wasn't very scary either, but I think I was still hoping it would be scarier. I also think it could have been edited a bit tighter. It was a little rambly and long and towards the middle I could feel the length of it. I will say though, that if you are a loyal fan of the book and this universe King created, this movie offers a real deep dive into (most of) the kids and their fears. I say most, because once again, I feel like they short changed Mike Hanlon. Even though he's the one who makes the call to bring the others back home and he's the one taking more of a leadership role here, the film never really go into his background and fears the way they do with the others. He gets like a 5 minute scene covering his background and that's it. It's just so frustrating since he's the only black character. I'm getting sick of this kind of diversity on film, where black people are there, but they're not given the same depth and introspection that everyone is.

Anyway, Pennywise does do some crazy shit in this one, and some of it is wild and cool, but after awhile, he doesn't feel like a real threat anymore. Also, some of the CGI is wonky and so cartoonish it's hard to take seriously, which is not what you want in your horror film. There were a few scenes that were especially shocking and one of them had nothing to do with Pennywise.
There is a homophobic beat down so fucking brutal it was hard to watch. I really thought they were gonna get stomped to death in the street. I actually think that scene was more horrifying than what took place after with Pennywise.
Anyway, I liked it, but I didn't love it. I'm still glad we got to see a different retelling of this story, and I liked some of the changes they made to the book, I just wanted it to be a lot more scary and tighter. They kinda warn you throughout that it's destined to disappoint by using Bill's career as an author to joke about bad endings. This wasn't a bad ending, just a disappointing one.

6.5 out of 10
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One supporting black character and one supporting (white) female character usually covers it.

Oh damn, we're doing diversity now, look at us. Years and years of that bullshit.

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I just need mycocaines opinion to settle this once and for all.

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I liked it better than the first one, but it's definitely too long.

And the cinematography, production design and editing is so on point I hope it get some recognition when awards season comes. The VFX is also extremely impressive.

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This is more of a drama and adventure film than it really is a horror movie. The ending dragged for far too long but overall it's an enjoyable film with a likable cast and characters, most of which get a time to shine. Richie and Eddie are the best in this. There's still that 80's feel to the film that's super nostalgic, a bit of an Amblin vibe as well.

But yeah, if you're looking for freights only, this is not the film you want.

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This movie did drag a lot and i didn't find the adult parts to be as interesting as the kid parts.

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