The Other Side of the Wind (2018)

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i dunno, maybe it's my viewing preferences but Other Side of the Wind and Scruggs were showing up tops of the Netflix app for me lol.

apparently the algorithm for it is "all the shows and movies in dolby vision especially involving cooking" and "classics"


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well, it's funny because they show up for me now since i've already watched them, but i had to go digging the first time

i assume Roma is front page for everyone?

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i have not seen roma (booooo i know i’m watching it in like an hour maybe) and this, so i tried to look for them on my netflix page for comparison

my page is FULL with teenage/ya stuff they’re trying to shove my way

literally the only thing aimed at a teenage audience i watched on my account was sabrina lmao

so i’m either denying my real interests, or netflix really dropped the ball with this. i would not have known about either of those films if i didn’t specifically seek them out

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I figure it also depends on how much stuff you actually watch on Netflix. If you only never saw any previous Coen films on there, for instance, they wouldn't be pushing Buster Scruggs on your page. And if they don't have enough info on your own viewing preferences I guess they'll try pull from the average person of your age/location/gender. Or Facebook friends maybe.

Sure, if they do the Amazon thing or basically traditional distribution that means they generate a bigger cultural impact as the film goes through what the film media is accustomed to in terms of how it's released and advertised. BUT for a lot of the sorts of films Netflix releases, even and especially Roma, this comes at a cost of messy as fuck, if it exists, international and regional distribution.

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Thinking about watching this soon. It's (one of the few analog shot films) in HDR on Netflix.

Anyway, this is a mockumentary film right? Don't really know what I'm getting into tbh. But it's pretty cool that this was all shot some 40 to 50 years ago and still finished and released.

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It's not a mockumentary. Per se.

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Oh, okay

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