Mortal Engines (2018)

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Master Virgo wrote:
December 6th, 2018, 8:19 pm
Have we ever had a single great live action steampunk film? It's just weird that the subgenre has never had any luck with movies.£
You forgot about 20000 Leagues Under The Sea? It's based on a book written by Steampunk's papa. :lol:

How's Master of the World? I haven't seen it yet. :shifty:

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Fantastic worldbuilding, visual design and action, but good lord the script and the characters are just :sick:

But Weaving and Lang both rise above it and deliver in the ham

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Are the VFX any better than in the trailers? I mean, it looked like Hobbit 3 VFX which never looked finished imo lol

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I had a slightly above average 6/10 time. I had a much better time than one year ago when I saw a certain space fantasy movie in December.

It's part of the type of genre I like - very imaginative fantasy - that's often in the types of video games I play.* I didn't hate that The Golden Compass movie as much as other people seemed to. Jupiter Ascending I put below these.

The visuals look like concept art. A lot of CGI but it would be impractical and expensive to do all those practically. I enjoyed the score as well.

I knew a few major spoilers going into it and it didn't bother me in the movie one bit.

Hester was a somewhat cool character driven by revenge (similar story but not quite as ragey or as cool a characterization as Velvet Crowe's* but more practically attired), and Tom was pretty decent as well. Valentine was all right, I feel like I understood him less.

The two most prominent character sets in the structure are Hester and Tom, and then Valentine and Katherine.

There's plenty of cliches and tropes we've seen before but I'm gonna torpedo a movie just because it didn't 'subvert expectations' or barrage 'gotcha' moments like nonsense movie defenses.

I haven't read the books but I understand changes get made in trying to adapt them into movies for various reasons.

It's not that surprising it didn't open well to say the least - the YA craze declined quite a while ago and this isn't as popular a book as The Golden Compass - and December decreases movie openings and boosts how movies perform after.

* Tales of Berseria

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