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Tenetdrome wrote:
January 18th, 2020, 12:22 pm
m4st4 wrote:
January 18th, 2020, 3:15 am
Footage description is out and I almost fainted.
Nomis wrote:
January 18th, 2020, 5:37 am
Well, it's not the teaser but more like promo-material.
Can anyone tell me where to find this?
Go to the r/dune subreddit, there are links to the tweets

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Some other things Brian FH Clement mentioned in his tweets (I can't find them on Twitter but found them on screen-grabs on Instagram):

- Cast looks phenomenal in their costumes.
- Dave Bautista has never looked creepier.
- Set design has the same "big feel" of BR2049 and Arrival.
- Mix of grimy realism + dreamlike imagery.
- Baron Harkonnen looked cool.
- Saw lots of Paul in his stillsuit.
- Actor playing Dr. Kynes is not a huge star but an established actor.
- He saw Dr. Yueh, Rabban, Paul, Leto, Stilgar, Gurney, Duncan, Jessica, some Fremen in stillsuits and either Sardaukar or Harkonnen personnel.
- Rebecca Ferguson looks cool and kind of eerie.
- Oscar Isaac looked cool, a different look to what we're used to seeing from him.
- He saw an ornithopter and it doesn't look like the ones in Lynch's version.
- There were wide shots of a group of people featuring Rabban and probably Harkonnen personnel as they had similar costumes and make-up.
- Title looked like originally created artwork and not some standard font.
- He saw sandworms.

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Nice, I hadn't seen the list below that comment on Kynes. I wonder who's playing him. There were rumors that Sharon Duncan-Brewster got that part and they shuffled some more things about Kynes around but I wouldn't say she's an established actor/recognized name?

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Yeah, that's an odd comment about Kynes. I think this guy might have given himself away.

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Cast looks phenomenal. Actor looks cool. Actress looks cool...

Incredibly insightful leak.

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It's the closest thing we got to actually seeing footage ourselves lol we'll just take anything we can get at this point

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According to the supposed script leak...
Kynes is indeed a gender swap (now Zendaya's mother), and no Irulan yet.

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Ah so then Sharon Duncan-Brewster is the most likely guess for Kynes. I also once read on reddit
that Kynes' fate is different in the film, too.
Not having Irulan in this film makes sense imo. As for The Emperor... They could do it without him, I guess? Personally I'd include him, even it's only for like one or two scenes. But the lack of rumors indicate either that he's just not in it or they managed to keep it under wraps.

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Dune will most likely be on CinemaCon, March 31st, which means Bond is certain for a wider public promo.

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That does make the most sense. Would be unwise to wait any longer with kicking off marketing than that tbh.

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