Annette (2021)

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Adam Driver and Rooney Mara to Star in Music Drama From ‘Holy Motors’ Director
Adam Driver and Rooney Mara are set to play lovers in “Annette,” a music-filled drama to be directed by cult French helmer Leos Carax (“Holy Motors”).

Rihanna, who recently appeared in Luc Besson’s “Valerian,” is rumored to have a small part in the film.

The hottest European project to emerge out of this year’s American Film Market, “Annette” is repped in international markets by Gregoire Melin’s Kinology, which is also co-producing.

With a $15.5 million budget, “Annette” marks Carax’s English-language debut and his most ambitious film to date. On top of starring Driver and Mara, “Annette” will feature original songs by the Sparks, the art-rock band founded in 1971 by Ron and Russell Mael.

Shooting will take place across several international locations including Los Angeles. Bruno Pesery is lead-producing “Annette” via his Paris-based outfit Arena Films (“21 Nights With Pattie”) and has gotten Swiss company Vega, Japan’s Eurospace, and Belgium’s Wrong Men to co-produce.

Melin told Variety that the movie depicts the rise and fall of an intense love story and will boast Carax’s singular visual style and atmosphere, bringing back the key crew that worked on the director’s previous movie, “Holy Motors,” which competed at Cannes.

“Annette” is expected to start shooting in late spring for 15 weeks.

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will be better than La La Land /10

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Cilogy wrote:will be better than La La Land /10

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Adam Driver? :sick:


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Updating the thread: the film should be released this year. Rooney Mara was replaced by Michelle Williams, who was then replaced by Marion Cotillard.

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Seen it yesterday.
It should come as no surprise that two of the most enthusiast critics for the film were also two of the most enthusiast for Tenet; Ebiri and Collin.
For all their flaws, these two films are pure cinematic delight, with such a generosity from the director to offer as many visuals that will stay with the viewer. Despite having nothing in common on a narrative level, there is so much love for the cinematic experience in both.

This is possibly Driver at his best, also because he never had so much to do. Cotillard is charming and haunting and Helberg has a wonderful scene that he carries perfectly.

This is also a beautiful me-too film, about the difference between what is expected from a male and female artist.
There is also much anger in Carax'vision, and in many ways it doesn't try to be a pleasant journey for the viewer.
The story kind of loses its way in the third act, until the final scene brings it all home with a final great song Sympathy for the Abyss.
Other great songs:
May we start
We love each other so much (I love how it plays with the musical genre)
Stepping back in time
Aria in the Forest

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Very disappointing. It was weird but unlike Holy Motors it was not entertaining. Driver is a great actor but in musicals he is worse than Russell Crowe. I'm not sure what it tried to say about fame and toxic masculinity. There are some great moments, Cottilard is phenomenal here, and the ending sticks the landing but much like some other movies this year, this was way tooooo long. If I wanted to see a theatrical performance, I'd go to theater and not watch Driver doing that SNL theater sketch.

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