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sometimes I sit back and think like I can't believe how good Interstellar and its score are



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Oh, it's easily the best Zimmer score for me. It's both sad and uplifting and I can't comprehend how that's even possible. In a movie where time is of the utmost importance, using a ticking theme works so well to remind the viewers of the stakes. Also using organs was such a refreshing choice and First Man's use of theremin has that same bold effect.

The movie itself is amazing and it's good to see that I'm noticing more and more appreciation for it online as time goes by.

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Really enjoyed this one, and especially Kurt Russell's performance. 4/5

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The Killing Fields (1984) - have no idea how I came across this film, because it seems all but disappeared from the public knowledge - I haven’t found a lot of people talking about it. Which is a shame. The Cambodian genocide is one of the worst, truly fucking loathsome things to have happened in the 20th century. It’s a disgraceful, glaring stain on our history. Vietnam war and other ill-famed events seem to have somewhat obscured this in our collective memory, thanks to years long denial and misrepresentation as ‘propaganda’, but it’s why I think people, especially the younger generations, need to keep up and educate themselves. It’s extremely upsetting to see some still not recognize the severity of such tragedy.

The film itself is very well made. For a topic that would be so easy to sensationalize, it never comes across as overly melodramatic or inappropriate, and a big part of that is because the most painful, harrowing parts of story are shown and felt from the perspective of a non-westerner. The characters and performances are the backbone that holds this film together - it doesn’t exploit history and instead builds its tension on character ‘human’ moments, their exchanges. Waterston is great, but Haing S. Ngor is incredible. The movie overall doesn’t avoid grim material, but Pran stumbling upon the infamous killing fields while attemping an escape from his already hellish existence, is haunting. One thing I also thought was how well the film translated that something ‘wrong’ in the air feeling at the beginning of the film, an almost surreal atmosphere capturing the sense that something very evil was about to happen.

My sole and biggest gripe is the soundtrack. It’s.... a choice. With some exceptions, I mostly found it to be very incoherent, jarring and ill-fitting, with no theme that would connect it as a whole. But regardless, if you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s very bleak and devastating, but it’s one of those important films that need to be seen for either their artistic or educational value.

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The Other Boleyn Girl

Everyone in this cast has a face that knows what phones are.

I remember reading the book on high school and being made fun of for willingly reading a 500+ page book lol.

EDIT: I know I've hated on ScarJo in the past, but her acting in this is amazing. She had to pretend to be attracted to Benedict Cumberbatch.

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I loved this. One of the best mystery films, the way these characters live, how hollow their lives are... Shot in the most beautiful way, captivating stuff. Feels and looks like it was made today.

Taken 3: lol, at least it had some plot going on as opposed to the second one but neither of them bests the first.

Been years since I last saw this. Glenn Close is, as always, pitch perfect in this. She commands the screen. It's so disturbing to see how broken someone is on the inside who reflects that on a short lived passion. I love the story and it's thrilling till the very end.

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Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald
There are some really interesting ideas and dynamic moments in this film, but wow. When people said this was bad, I didn't expect it. The script is absolutely dreadful, the structure makes little sense, the camerawork was jarring, the world-building had so many odd choices, and somehow the editing was the absolute worst thing about this.

JK needs to stop writing these movies, and DY needs to stop directing them too

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The Misfits by John Huston
One of the first film about ecology, and the danger for the nature of capitalism? Although Huston is known to have hunt during the shooting of African Queen... But Arthur Miller's ideas still come through. And they are still very relevant about masculinity or modernity.
Monroe and Gable are wonderful. Gable is amazing in his stunts. Terrible that the stunt and the production problem may have affected his health and led him to his death.

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North By Northwest

They didn't even give him a chaser

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This was pretty damn good. The story takes it time but the payoff is definitely there and it hit me hard. Good to great performances, beautifully shot by Deschanel.

As for the title, I think the German title is much more fitting for the film than the English one. I had the same problem with Shoplifters, the original title Manbiki Kazoku, directly translated is: Shoplifting family, which fits the film better than just plain Shoplifters.

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