Toy Story 3 is INCREDIBLE!

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Have you seen Toy Story 3 yet?

Poll ended at July 4th, 2010, 9:47 pm

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RyanRises wrote:Agree.
fuck off

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natalie wrote: No doubt, Pixar is the best studio in town.
It's depressing to read this now.

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07202012 wrote:
natalie wrote: No doubt, Pixar is the best studio in town.
It's depressing to read this now.
Yeah, Monsters University still needs to prove they're capable of delivering.

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In my opinion Pixar has nothing to prove. They've had a dud or two here and there but still continue to put out good films. While some of their work like Cars 2 may not be up to par, I don't know of any of their films I would call, "a bad movie."

Pixar does excellent work. They're the american animation equivalent of Miyazaki right now and even Miyazaki has put out some mediocre material. The problem with those known for greatness is that we expect perfection from them all the time. Christopher Nolan is another perfect example of that. But like Nolan, Pixar puts out great work on average. So even after the occasional dud we can expect something better around the corner.

What I'm saying is Pixar's track record is still so good that it's not fair to assume they're dropping the ball because a couple of recent films weren't as good as Toy Story or Wall E. They have nothing to prove.

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I forgot Brave was even a Pixar feature, that's how good it was. The peak of Up, Toy Story 3 and Wall-E will take some effort to reach again.

No & Not interested.

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i love this movie .

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Hopefully The Good Dinosaur is a return to form.


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