Mortal Kombat (2021)

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Trillion dollar opening weekend

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Busy man.

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James Wan's going places.

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just give him a good editor

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m4st4 wrote:I want Eva Green for Mileena. :twisted:
Wouldn't that be typecasting, but then again I want James Marsden for Johnny Cage and Donnie Yen for Kung Lao so who am I to speak.£

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Probably... guilty as charged. :D

I'd need some time to think about dream choices, Wan entering the pic is certainly nice but I don't want it to be too de-tached from what Mortal Kombat is, the look and feel of it, web series was fine but you can't go 'too real' with this, it's a dark fantasy.

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Finally a reboot we want to see made.

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