What movies did you see in theaters as a kid?

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I've seen a shitload of movies in theaters since i was 3 years old being Black Cauldron my first movie i saw on the big screen. Movies i saw in theaters from 3 till 12.

The Black Cauldron.
Back to the Future.
Gremlins 85 re-issue.
Godzilla 1985.
Ghostbusters 85 re-issue.
101 Dalmatians 85 re-issue.
The Money Pit.
Sleeping Beauty 1986 re-issue.
Adventures of Mark Twain.
Invaders from Mars.
Top Gun. (First movie me and my family saw when we moved to St Louis)
Cobra. (I just turned 4 and this was my first R-rated film i saw in theaters)
Spacecamp. (2 times)
Short Circuit. (3 times)
Labyrinth. (3 times)
The Great Mouse Detective. (4 times and i still remembered having a stuffed Basil and that readalong with cassette)
Back to School. (Made me a Rodney fan)
Ferris Bueller. (2 times)
The Karate Kid 2. (2 times)
Aliens. (3 times)
Big Trouble in Little China. (3 times)
Transformers The Movie. (2 times despite feeling bad about Optimus and i had the soundtrack on cassette and poster with Marvel comic adaptation)
Howard The Duck.
Haunted Honeymoon.
The Fly.
Maximum Overdrive.
Night of the Creeps.
Ruthless People.
One Crazy Summer.
Making Contact aka Joey. (remember this scary 1985 German horror fantasy import? one of Roland Emmerich's earlier films and with that creepy evil ventriloquist dummy? scared the hell out of me but i dug the movie)
Highlander. (2 times)
From Beyond.
Crocodile Dundee. (3 times)
Deadly Friend.
Deadtime Stories.
Stand by Me.
An American Tail. (4 times even when i visited my grandparents here in Albuquerque for Christmas, i had some stuff like t-shirt, PJs, storybooks from Mcdonalds, talking Fievel doll and all that).
Star Trek IV. (Saw it 2 times and watching ST II on cable and this in theaters made me a ST fan as did the animated show on reruns on Nick)
Little Shop of Horrors. (3 times and had the cards and Audrey II bank)
The Golden Child.
Three Amigos.
Lady and The Tramp 1986 re-issue. (3 times and had a stuffed Tramp)
Song of the South. (3 times and it was the last time it got re-issued)
Critical Condition.
Over the Top.
Lethal Weapon. (2 times)
The Aristocats 87 re-issue. (3 times and had a stickerbook with coloring book and readalong)
Raising Arizona.
The Stepfather.
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3. (2 times)
Ernest Goes to Camp. (2 times)
The Chipmunk Adventure. (2 times and i remembered having BK stuff and readalong with cassette)
Creepshow 2. (Dug the first one the year before on video and i saw this one 2 times)
The Gate. (2 times)
Beverly Hills Cop 2. (2 times)
Harry and The Hendersons. (3 times and i had the cards)
Spaceballs. (3 times even on my 5th birthday)
Predator. (3 times)
Snow White 1987 re-issue. (3 times)
Benji the hunted.
The Lost Boys. (3 times)
Robocop. (3 times and i had cards, toys, t-shirt and even watched the cartoon as a kid)
The Witches of Eastwick.
The Living Daylights.
Masters of the Universe.
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.
The Untouchables.
House II The Second Story.
Adventures in Babysitting. (3 times)
Care Bears Adventures in Wonderland.
Superman IV.
Jaws the Revenge.
Innerspace. (2 times)
Born in East L.A.
The Curse.
The Monster Squad. (3 times)
The Princess Bride. (3 times)
Hellraiser. (2 times)
Near Dark. (2 times)
Prince of Darkness. (2 times)
The Hidden.
The Running Man. (3 times)
Planes, Trains and Automobiles. (3 times and became a family favorite i watch every thanksgiving time since)
Cinderella 1987 re-issue. (2 times)
Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night. (Anyone remembers this scary Filmation made Pinocchio animated movie with james earl jones? scared the hell out of me)
3 Men and a Baby.
Throw Mama from the Train.
Batteries Not Included. (3 times)
Return of the Living Dead part II. (2 times)
Action Jackson.
Pound Puppies and The Legend of Big Paw.
Return of the Killer Tomatoes.
Fox and The Hound 88 re-issue. (3 times)
Beetlejuice (5 times and been obsessed with the movie as a kid as i even got to be him for Halloween, watched the cartoon religiously and had toys and cards and BK toys)
Lady in White.
The Wrong Guys.
Critters 2 The Main Course. (2 times)
Killer Klowns from Outer Space. (3 times)
Rambo III. (3 times)
Red Heat.
Dead Heat.
Willow. (saw this 3 times and had some stuff like t-shirt, coloring book, Marvel comic adaptation, toys and all that)
Crocodile Dundee 2 (2 times)
Big. (3 times)
The Great Outdoors. (3 times even when we moved to Omaha)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit. (5 times especially on my 6th birthday and when i visited my grandparents in Albuquerque and i had nearly all the stuff like cards, talking roger doll, book with cassette, novel, Mcdonalds cups, and all that)
Coming to America. (3 times)
Funny Farm.
Bambi 88 re-issue. (3 times and had Mcdonalds toys, stuffed Bambi, t-shirt and all that)
Bull Durham.
Die Hard. (4 times)
The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking.
Monkey Shines. (2 times)
The Bear. (2 times)
Short Circuit 2.
The Blob. (2 times)
Phantasm 2. (2 times)
License to Drive.
Young Guns.
Mac and Me.
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4. (3 times)
My Stepmother is an Alien.
Night of the Demons.
Im Gonna Git Ya Sucka.
Vice Versa.
Hot to Trot.
Alien Nation.
Halloween 4. (2 times)
They Live. (3 times)
Child's Play. (2 times)
Scrooged. (3 times)
The Land Before Time. (4 times even on a field trip with first grade and i had t-shirts, PJs, junior novel, Pizza hut puppets and more)
Twins. (2 times)
Oliver and Company. (4 times even after Christmas and i had CD soundtrack which was my first CD, stuffed Oliver from Sears, a couple of t-shirts, PJs, junior novel, readalong with cassette, Mcdonalds toys and all that)
Naked Gun. (3 times)
HIgh Spirits.
Hellbound Hellraiser 2. (2 times)
Deepstar Six.
Levithan. (2 times)
The Fly II.
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. (2 times)
Pet Sematary. (2 times)
Major League.
The Rescuers 89 re-issue. (3 times)
Lean on Me. (2 times)
The Karate Kid III.
Fright Night 2. ( 2 times)
Return of Swamp Thing.
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. (4 times and i had a junior book too and all that)
Honey i Shrunk the Kids. (3 times and had Mcdonalds cups)
Ghostbusters 2. (Saw it 3 times even on opening day on my 7th birthday on June 16th and first movie we saw when we moved to Albuquerque here)
Batman. (6 times and i had nearly all the stuff including Taco bell cups)
Lethal Weapon 2. (3 times)
License to Kill.
Star Trek V.
Look Who's Talking.
Friday The 13th part 8. (2 times)
A Nightmare on Elm Street 5. (2 times)
Shocker. (2 times)
Babar the Movie.
UHF. (3 times)
Lockdown. (2 times)
The Abyss. (2 times)
Little Monsters.
No Holds Bar.
I, Madman.
See No Evil, Hear No Evil.
Uncle Buck. (3 times)
Peter Pan 89 re-issue. (4 times)
The Horror Show aka House III.
Halloween V.
Turner and Hooch.
Weekend at Bernies.
The Little Mermaid. (2 times and had Mcdonalds toys)
Christmas Vacation. (3 times)
Tango and Cash. (2 times)
All Dogs Go to Heaven. (3 times even on a field trip with my second grade classmates and i remember having the Wendy's toys)
Back to the Future 2. (4 times)
Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3.
Tremors. (4 times)
Nightbreed. (3 times and i had the comics as a kid)
Hunt for Red October.
Bad Influence.
House Party. (2 times)
Joe vs The Volcano. (2 times)
Pretty Woman.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie. (4 times and i had cards and t-shirt with BK stuff, i was so into the turtles at the time)
Cry Baby.
Ernest Goes to Jail. (2 times)
The First Power.
The Guardian.
Spaced Invaders.
Tales from the Darkside The Movie. (3 times)
Bird on a Wire.
Back to the Future 3. (4 times)
Dick Tracy. (4 times and had some stuff including Mcdonalds cups, t-shirt, a few toys, cards and all that even on my 8th birthday)
Gremlins 2. (3 times and i had coloring book and storybook with cards)
Total Recall. (5 times)
Another 48 Hours.
Jetsons The Movie. (2 times)
Robocop 2.
Days of Thunder.
Ghost Dad.
Die Hard 2. (4 times)
Adventures of Ford Farlane.
Archnophobia. (4 times)
Navy Seals.
Problem Child.
Kindergarten Cop. (2 times)
The Jungle Book 1990 re-issue. (4 times)
Presumed Innocent.
Ducktales The Movie. (2 times)
Air America.
The Exorcist III. (2 times)
My Blue Heaven.
Darkman. (3 times)
Men at Work.
The Witches. (3 times)
I Come in Peace.
Night of the Living Dead 1990. (3 times)
Jacob's Ladder. (2 times)
Child's Play 2. (2 times)
Rocky V.
The Nutcracker Prince.
Home Alone. (Saw this 5 times in theaters)
Rescuers Down Under. (4 times even on a field trip and i had Mcdonalds toys, storybook and coloring book).
Misery. (3 times).
Robot Jox.
Predator 2. (3 times)
Edward Scissorhands. (4 times)
The Godfather III.
White Fang.
Silence of the Lambs. (3 times)
LA Story.
Nothing but Trouble.
The Doors.
Ninja Turtles 2. (2 times)
Career Opportunities.
Drop Dead Fred.
Toy Soldiers.
What about Bob.
Hudson Hawk. (2 times)
Thelma and Louise.
City Slickers. (2 times)
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. (2 times)
The Naked Gun 2. (2 times)
The Rocketeer. (3 times and had some stuff even t-shirt and toy when i was 9)
Terminator 2. (5 times and i had nearly any T2 merchandise from books, comics, t-shirts, cards, toys and all that plus the movie for Christmas that year)
Point Blank.
Regarding Henry.
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. (3 times)
Hot Shots. (3 times)
Doc Hollywood.
Rover Dangerfield.
Freddy's Dead the Final NIghtmare. (2 times in 3D no doubt)
Showdown in Tokyo.
Pure Luck.
Double Impact.
Child's Play 3.
Ernest Scared Stupid. (2 times)
People under the Stairs. (2 times).
Cape Fear. (2 times)
Addams Family. (3 times)
101 Dalmatians 91 re-issue. (3 times and had Mcdonalds toys and t-shirt and coloring books)
American Tail Fievel Goes West.
Beauty and The Beast. (4 times even on a field trip and had Burger King stuff)
My Girl.
Star Trek 6. (3 times)
Last Boyscout. (2 times)
Father of the Bride.
Hook. (4 times and had t-shirt, toys, Mcdonalds stuff, storybook and more)
Wayne's World. (3 times)
Radio Flyer.
Universal Soldier.
Stop or my Mom will Shoot.
Lawnmower Man.
My Cousin Vinny.
White Men Can't Jump.
Rock a Doodle.
Ferngully. (2 times even on a field trip)
Sleepwalkers. (2 times)
Lethal Weapon 3. (3 times)
Encino Man. (2 times)
Sister Act.
Class Act.
Batman Returns. ( turned 10 when it came out in theaters and saw it 4 times and i had nearly all the stuf even watched the animated show religiously)
Patriot Games.
A League of Their Own.
Cool World.
Universal Soldier.
Honey i Blew up The Kid.
Mom and Dad Save the World.
Bebe's Kids.
Passenger 57. (2 times)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Death Becomes Her.
Stay Tuned. (2 times)
Honeymoon in Vegas.
Pet Sematary 2. (2 times)
Captain Ron.
Last of the Mohicans (3 times)
Innocent Blood. (2 times)
The Mighty Ducks.
Under Siege. (2 times)
Candyman. (3 times)
Dr. Giggles.
Bram Stoker's Dracula. (3 times)
Home Alone 2. (3 times)
Aladdin. (5 times even on a field trip and i still rememebred having BK stuff/cups, t-shirt, a couple of toys, cards and all that)
A Few Good Men.
Muppets Christmas Carol. (3 times)
Groundhog Day. (3 times)
Army of Darkness. (3 times)
Falling Down.
Fire in the Sky.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.
Adventures of Huck Finn.
Cop and a half.
The Sandlot. (3 times)
The Dark Half.
Dragon The Bruce Lee Story.
Hot Shots Part 2. (2 times)
Super Mario Brothers.
Cliffhanger. (3 times)
Last Action Hero. (2 times)
Jurassic Park. (5 times and i remembered first time seeing it with my dad when he took me in his big mac truck to California to Disneyland then Universal and we watch it at Universal theaters, i was 11 and had some of the stuff like toys, t-shirt and all that).
Dennis The Menace.
Son in Law. (2 times)
My Cousin Vinney.
In the Line of Fire.
Hocus Pocus.
Another Steakout.
Coneheads. (2 times)
Rising Sun.
Rookie of The Year. (2 times)
Robin Hood Men in Tights. (3 times)
So i Married an Axe Murder. (3 times)
The Fugitive (2 times)
My Boyfriend's Back.
The Crush.
Jason Goes to Hell The Final Friday.
Hard Target. (2 times)
Needful Things.
Cool Runnings.
Demolition Man. (2 times)
The Nightmare Before Christmas. (4 times)
Mrs Doubtfire. (4 times even on a field trip)
Robocop 3. (Dunno why i went to see this piece of crap)
The Three Musketeers.
Addams Family Values.
Wayne's World 2. (2 times)
Grumpy Old Men. (2 times)
Batman Mask of the Phantasm.
Ace Ventura Pet Detective. (2 times)
Blank Check.
The Chase.
Naked Gun 3.
Serial Mom.
The Crow. (4 times and had the soundtrack and graphic novel)
Maverick. (2 times)
Beverly HIlls Cop 3.
The Flintstones. (2 times)
City Slickers 2.
The Lion King. (5 times even with my truck driving dad when we went to World's of Fun in Kansas City and Omaha)
Forrest Gump. (3 times)
The Shadow.
Speed. (3 times)
True Lies. (4 times)
The Mask. (3 times)
Clear and Present Danger.
In The Army Now.
The Little Rascals.
Quiz Show.
Ed Wood. (3 times)
Wes Craven's New Nightmare.
Stargate. (3 times)
The Shawshank Redemption. (3 times)
Pulp Fiction. (4 times)
Interview with the Vampire. (3 times)
The Santa Clause,
Miracle on 34th Street.
Star Trek Generations. ( 3 times)
A Low Down Dirty Shame.
Drop Zone.
Dumb and Dumber. (Saw this on a field trip and saw it 2 more times)
The Professional aka Leon. (2 times)
Richie Rich.
Street Fighter.
Mary Shelly Frankenstein.
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Stock account confirmed.


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And isn't it cool i got to see R-rated movies in theaters as a kid?

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And what do you mean stay relaxed? yet it's very impressive you have to admit.

Tell me what movies did you see in theaters as a kid.

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Skywalker1982 wrote:And isn't it cool i got to see R-rated movies in theaters as a kid?
very cool that you got to see r-rated movies as a kid.

slightly less cool that you took the time to type up a list of all of them and brag about it to people on a movie forum.

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This is the most autistic thing I've seen on here in two days.

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ChristNolan wrote:This is the most autistic thing I've seen on here in two days.

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Skywalker1982 wrote:And isn't it cool i got to see R-rated movies in theaters as a kid?
Sure, but you don't need to stick it in everyone's face.

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ChristNolan wrote:This is the most autistic thing I've seen on here in two days.
You suck badly you jerkoff prick.
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