Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

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Spert wrote:
Crazy Eight wrote:
Spert wrote:I swear critics piss me off when they beg Hollywood for more imaginative and original films and then just blast them whenever they do come out.

I'd rather see 10 films like this over another Marvel/DC film.
people want original movies that are good.
People don't know what they want until its been made super familiar and formulaic
yeah like The Dark Knight.

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I'm pumped for this.


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i've been silently rooting for this, i remember saying it looks a feast for the eyes, while everybody else disagreed :judge:

hopefully it turns out like cloud atlas did

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Will this outdo Dunkirk on opening weekend?

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Bacon wrote:Will this outdo Dunkirk on opening weekend?

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Cilogy wrote:So does this film actually have incest or was that just a forum thing?
whatya think?

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Bacon wrote:Will this outdo Dunkirk on opening weekend?

nobody pays that much to see John Carter with Cara Delevingne.

also hype around here is -2.6. whereas I already bought like 16 tickets in advance for the 19th. 8-)
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Vader182 wrote:I'm pumped for this.

dont lie to me

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Finally (just came out today here) seeing this tonight.

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Around 19 minutes, Besson criticises Ayer for Delevingne poor performance in Suicide Squad and by 19:40 he criticises Nolan for the infamous Talia's death. :lol: Dude is still pissed, he got balls though.

I wonder if he also blames himself for the poor Dehaan's performance in Valerian :think:

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