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I am addicted to the Criterion Collection,the artwork,audio commentaries,blu ray and DVD prints of classic movies. I have 45 right now, lets discuss which films are our favorites and which ones we wish we want in. My favorites r 81/2,Persona,Seven Samurai,Seventh Seal and 400 Blows
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I suggest putting "Criterion" in the title also.

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Yeah that's true

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Because of region stupidity I have defected to Masters of Cinema. Which is actually just as good, IMO.

Both do sterling work.

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ArmandFancypants wrote:Because of region stupidity I have defected to Masters of Cinema. Which is actually just as good, IMO.

Both do sterling work.
Yeah, does reviews for both, I wish The Third Man wasn't out of print because I only have The Studio Canal blu ray

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I have a few.

The Killing
The Thin Red Line

I had a few others but sold them. Thier release of The Thin Red Line is one of the best Bluray transfers ever done. All their transfers and remasters are great, though. They have such great extras too, and probably the best artwork out there.

Still waiting for them to finally release Mulholland Drive...

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Thin Red Line
Naked Lunch
Breaking the Waves
Repo Man (Not really a fan of this one)
The Last Temptation of Christ

I really want to grab "The Vanishing" and "Don't Look Now."

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Nolan's Top 10 Criterion ... n-s-top-10
1. The Hit - Stephen Frears
That Criterion has released this little-known Stephen Frears gem is a testament to the thoroughness of their search for obscure masterworks. Few films have gambled as much on a simple portrayal of the dynamics between desperate men . . .

2. 12 Angry Men - Sidney Lumet
. . . except perhaps this Sidney Lumet classic.

3. The Thin Red Line - Terrence Malick
What better than Malick’s extraordinary vision of war to demonstrate the technical potential of a carefully mastered Blu-ray? Projecting this disc comes close to the original print quality, and it’s hard to imagine a superior consumer format coming along anytime soon.

4. The Testament of Dr. Mabuse - Fritz Lang
Lang at his most wicked and entertaining. Essential research for anyone attempting to write a supervillain.

5. Bad Timing - Nicolas Roeg
Nic Roeg’s films are known for their structural innovation, but it’s great to be able to see them in a form that also shows off their photographic excellence.

6. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - Nagisa Oshima
Few films have been able to capture David Bowie’s charisma, but Oshima’s wartime drama seems tailor-made for his talents. Tom Conti has rarely been such a sympathetic guide for the audience’s emotions.

7. For All Mankind - Al Reinert
An incredible document of man’s greatest endeavor.

8. Koyaanisqatsi - Godfrey Reggio
An incredible document of how man’s greatest endeavors have unsettling consequences. Art, not propaganda, emotional, not didactic; it doesn’t tell you what to think—it tells you what to think about.

9. The Complete Mr. Arkadin - Orson Welles
No one could make much of a case for Welles’ abortive movie overall, but the heartbreaking glimpses of the great man’s genius preserved here are the most compelling argument for the value of Criterion’s dedication to cinema.

10. Which brings me to Greed, von Stroheim’s lost work of absolute genius. Which is not available on Criterion. Yet. Here’s hoping.

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see LaRose, it helped to put Criterion in the title :P now people are commenting on this.

on topic: people, nolanfans, no Following in your collection? you should be ashamed.

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I only have 2 Criterions (Gojira and Following) but I plan on buying more. I'm gonna purchase 12 Angry Men, The Game, Fantastic Mr Fox, Thin Red Line and many other titles when there is a blowout sale or something.

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