Aquaman (2018)

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Master Virgo wrote:
March 17th, 2019, 7:01 pm
If I wanted to pick a DCEU movie with the kind of imagery that impresses and lingers I would go with Dawn of Justice. Aquaman's beauty, just like its stars', is fleeting and of little significance.£
Haven’t seen Aquaman yet but at least it looks somewhat fun in comparison.

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Aquaman was fun to watch, and I thought it did a pretty good job at capturing the lore of Atlantis. Script and dialogue were glaring problems for sure.

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I think Aquaman did have some legit good moments and action scenes. I wish the lead actors were way better. The supporting cast is really great though.

I think my current DCEU rankings would have to be:
Wonder Woman - 9/10
Man of Steel - 7/10
BvS - 6/10
Aquaman - 5/10
Justice League - 3/10
Suicide Squad - 2/10

Shazam looks like a wholesome nicecore movie and I'm actually looking forward to that tbh. The early reviews are promising.

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This movie felt like a passion project for James Wan, and not to raise one to lower the other, but that is something I cannot say when it comes to the MCU films. Their directors have to work within the parameters given by Marvel, but are still able to bring their own voice to the project wherever Marvel allows them to put it. This movie, despite all its faults, felt like WB gave Wan the keys to the city and was able to do whatever he wanted. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, but it is ambitious as hell. I'm far more about ambitiously grand in scale than safe and levelled.

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Vader182 wrote:
March 17th, 2019, 5:19 pm
It's a litmus test for how you watch movies. Aquaman lacks the passive refinement of the Feige Formula, but half the set pieces are better than almost anything in a Non-Russo MCU movie. It's wildly imaginative and full of genuine authorship and visual choices and ideas.

I liked Momoa, Patrick Wilson, Kidman a lot. But I can't lie. I enjoyed it more than I enjoy most MCU movies. especially Captain Marvel. I give extra points to movies that "go for it" and this, if nothing else, did.

WW > Aquaman >>>> MOS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BVS > Suicide Squad

They certainly went for it and I think it payed off for the most part. I wouldn't have mind it if they went a little more serious at certain places tbh. I loved the underwater setting, it looks pretty damn great and I can't wait to see how this tech evolves with the sequel(s).

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Damn my boy Leon destroys this film in like 8 minutes.

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