The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018)

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Yeah, I thought about that as well. It does not seem to tie in thematically with the character of Lisbeth at all, and for a movie about a woman who hurts men who hurt women, there is a lack of men who hurt women beyond that cold opening.
I think what the movie is trying to say is that even though Lisbeth will always be team-woman, there are still some women in this world who are utterly evil and are on the same level as violent and misogynistic men. This could have been an interesting message to explore, but only if it were to be explored in a different narrative.

Also, I was confused about why Camilla asked Lisbeth about why she saved every other woman except her. Lisbeth literally offered her the chance at the beginning of the movie, but she did not take it. Unless I missed something, it felt like it went completely against how the character was set up.

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Remember when North Korea hacked Sony and we learned of the internal fuck-up regarding Millennium trilogy? Yeah... that was more exciting than this sterile, ‘Marvel-like’ movie. Way to misinterpret a character from ground up.🕷️

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