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nolannolanchrischris wrote:
Yesterday, there was word that Warner Bros. had offered their golden boy, Christopher Nolan, the director's seat on their adaptation of Ernie Cline's New York Times Bestseller, READY PLAYER ONE.

Not only can we tell you that WB has indeed talked with Nolan, but we have some AICN EXCLUSIVE info on a few other big names being offered the gig…


Wanna go out and pick up that book if you haven't already, no?

Obviously, no one has actually signed yet, and these are just WB's top choices, but it certainly gives us an idea of what pedigree of director they want to direct this Zak Penn-written adaptation. While we swoon at the idea of Nolan, Vaughn, Wright, or Jackson directing this, Zemeckis is the ideal choice for WB (and Cline, I'm sure) because of how heavily his work is referenced in the book. It would be him revisiting the stuff from his hayday that we all fell in love with him for, and would probably the closest we'd ever get to a Zemeckis-directed BTTF 4.

But good god, the idea of any of these guys directing a READY PLAYER ONE movie is mega exciting. Aside from being a massive hit, the book is knowing, provocative, and consistently really funny, and feels contemporary in its "everything in a blender" depiction of pop culture. Just to give you an idea of how infectious the pixelled-out world Cline created is, I'll tell you my wife's reaction. My wife knows next-to-nothing about either '80s pop culture or video games, two subjects that the book leans heavily on. She read this thing cover to cover in the span of two days. She references the book the way some do 1984 or A BRAVE NEW WORLD. So don't think this is too "geeky" for you, or even your less-versed significant other; Cline's book is awesome, and WB would not be reaching out to these types of directors if it didn't have an infectious, cross-market appeal.

Nolan's name got me giddy...but knowing who else WB is looking at just gives me a perma-smile This is great news for gamers, fans of Cline's book, and I'm guessing Cline himself. We at AICN are all really happy that this project is getting the kind of attention we think it deserves, and pray that if one of those luminaries doesn't sign, that the job still goes to someone with the talent, energy, and imagination to do it justice.
He declined the job to direct it because he is probaly working with jeff robinov or wb on his original idea :gonf:

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Another tweet from him about the new project-
"WILL McCRABB ‏@mccrabb_will 6h6 hours ago
@MuqueetShahzad It is conjecture from one of his team members. That's all I know.
Things change.
We will see."

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why is this bullshit on the front page?

get it off now!

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To me it's more suitable for Edgar Wright. If Nolan does it it'll still be as great but not how I'd envision an adaptation of it.

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That tweet is not referring to Ready Player One. I only put it here because that's where the discussion of the guys tweets were. It's in reference to an original project Nolan's thinking of doing.

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I really would like to see nolan do a smaller movie. Something along the scale of Memento or The Prestige

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Having read the book a while ago, really don't want Nolan to do it :cry:
Of course if he accepts it I will support it fully, but I really really really want a Twilight Zone style movie made by Chris :| :|

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dmcn307 wrote:Having read the book a while ago, really don't want Nolan to do it :cry:
Of course if he accepts it I will support it fully, but I really really really want a Twilight Zone style movie made by Chris :| :|
That would be amazing! I could so imagine that happening

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Cilogy wrote:
Pratham wrote:Give this one to Wally, maybe.

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It's a thoroughly entertaining book. Definitely my favorite in recent memory, it's that great. But 1) due to legal issues I don't think any studio can give it justice. 2) it doesn't seem like a project that suits Nolan very much.

I mean, I think it takes someone with a geeky passion for the subject - 80's culture. And I don't know how Nolan would deal with a teenage cast. At least that's my guess.

I could be wrong when I see the final project - Chris's more grounded approach might also be beneficial. The book in itself is very referential and borders on pandering to nerds (imo it's not that bad but I could see people having problems with it), so maybe a geeky director would go overboard with the material and Chris could keep it focused.

Plus, it would be cool if for legal issues they used different franchises and Chris would revisit his Dark Knight trilogy.

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