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I'm aware of the numerous fan projects... it's all fine and good but I kinda want it from the source if you know what I mean.

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Vader182 wrote:V > IV > III > VI > II (but not that vast a gap) > I

come at me

Same list but ROTJ is better then ROTS

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Phantom Menace is underrated a fuck. The only one I have real, major problems with, but still do enjoy to some extent, is Attack of the Clone.

And Despite Empire being the better film, I think A New Hope is my favorite.

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TPM has the only Classic Star Wars moment of the prequels, IMO, the Maul dual.

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Okay, here we go:

ROTJ gets kind of lame in the final act. It spends far too much time on Tatooine for my liking. Aside from the scenes with Luke/Vader, it just feels like a pretty big step down thematically and in terms of scale (despite that huge final battle).

also ... ewoks

in fact, when I watch the OT, I rush through SW, savor as much of Empire as I can, and I sometimes just turn ROTJ off about 30 minutes in because I'm already sort of bored

it's a little shameful

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Does anyone not mind or like Jar Jar?

I liked him as a kid tbh.

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I'd still take ewoks over gungans (or is it gungas, George) and I hope the rumors are true, about their flash appearance in Episode VII.

But agreed, ROTJ just isn't on par with ESB, or ROTS.

I appreciate the tenderness of Luke-Leia reveal and final threeway battle is 2/3 fun but eh... If it weren't for the final scene I might think even lesser about it.

@allstar, I obviously did't mind him as kid (more like teenster), on the contrary, but now I hate him...literally every scene he's in is useless.

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ComptonTerry wrote:TPM has the only Classic Star Wars moment of the prequels, IMO, the Maul dual.
The podrace is extraordinary. Easily the most visceral action sequence of the prequels, and possibly the entire saga.

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While most of Return of the Jedi is aces, the plot line of destroying ANOTHER Death Star feels like lazy screenwriting to me, even though I can justify it in universe with the Empire clearly wanting more than one to begin with.

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The Phantom Menace:
-John Williams (all of it)
-Podracer sequence
-Darth Maul sequence
That's about it.

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