Justice League (2017)

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Man, nerds are really going to cyberbully a film studio owned by a powerful telecommunications company to release a cut of this film that may or may not be awful.

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I don’t care if it’s awful I wanna see Snyder’s vision, how bad can it be compared to the abomination that’s the theatrical cut? But obviously we know he had a different plan which was changed at the writing stage so...

But the Snyder’s cut klan is overdoing it, gosh! Look at Junkie XL’s latest Tweet. He’s releasing his own brass library for composers and all the replies are about Snyder’s cut :facepalm:
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Artemis wrote:
November 17th, 2019, 5:49 pm
Man, nerds are really going to cyberbully a film studio owned by a powerful telecommunications company to release a cut of this film that may or may not be awful.
With a much higher chance of it being awful

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my god twitter is completely unusable


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There is no finished version of Snyders cut,

WB is not going to release a cut that isn't finished,

And they're not stupid enough to spend millions and millions of dollars to actually finish it.

Especially since it's going to suck major fucking ass.

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Gal tweeted about it, so let's not pretend it's only internet nerds and trolls.

Edit: And now Zack and Ben.

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If anything is gonna make WB seriously consider it, it’s the cast doing what they just did today. If that doesn’t move the needle, then...

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What's the issue with wanting to see what was supposed to be released to the public? It's no secret Whedon absolutely destroyed what this could have been.

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There isn't anything wrong with seeing Snyder's version, it's just that this movement has been kind of exhausting.

There have also been noted moments of supporters gloating on Twitter about how they call WB receptionists and harass them for info, any and every WB social media post is overhauled by #ReleaseTheSnyderCut replies, and the constant toxicity and harassment towards other people is just exhausting to see.

And all this over a movie that might not even be good.

I know that Whedon's version was a dumpster fire, but at the same time how are we to know that Snyder's version is better? I really dislike Whedon's writing and filmmaking overall but he could only work on or build up what he was given. If his film was still awful then it begs to question just how bad Snyder's version is if a critical and nerdy darling like Whedon couldn't make a good movie.

EDIT: This tweet also brings up a good point. In the end it will certainly all be in vain. https://twitter.com/coensesque/status/1 ... 76897?s=19
If the Snyder Cut comes out its gonna be the biggest blue ball in comic book movie history because you know for a FACT WB ain't making the two sequels so, have fun with your...... Still incomplete story?