Shazam! (2019)

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Solid, a bit too childish throughout but with pure intentions and simply works as a piece of fun. 3.5/5

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I defended this when the trailer came out, thought it looked fun and funny.

It's only mildly either of those things.


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Solid 8/10 film. I liked the performances from the main cast and they have a good dynamic going. The stakes are high when they need to be and you believe that the characters are actually in danger (in large part because
the Seven Deadly Sins are actually scary/creepy on a number of occasions
), which Marvel still needs to learn how to convey properly. Reminded me of an 80s film like Monster Squad or something like that. It goes on for a bit too long imo but I liked a number of the jokes and the emotional moments mostly rang true (especially the speech that Freddy gives two-thirds into the movie).

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m4st4 wrote:
April 13th, 2019, 9:56 am
Solid, a bit too childish throughout but with pure intentions and simply works as a piece of fun. 3.5/5
Agree with this. Sometimes a bit too childish but in most times it kinda me feel giddy like a child too. Suprisingly enjoyable film.

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I liked this film a lot more than I was expecting to. My only critiques were that it felt too long at times and the pacing was kind of slow and I wish we could have seen more of the family dynamics. I'm sure in the sequel we'll see more of the Shazam kids.

This was a really cute family movie. Wonder Woman was also a very family friendly film too save for the battleground scene. I think DCEU really hits their strides when they make family movies instead of trying to be all dark and edgy like with MoS, BvS, and SS. As much as I didn't like Aquaman, that was their first billion dollar earner in the DCEU and Aquaman totally embraced the family friendliness.

I hope Birds of Prey isn't too try hard or dark and edgy like the earlier entries in the DCEU. It's rated R though and I'm not too happy about that. Overall, I'd like to see more family films from the DCEU since this is where they really show their strength.

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That was a really great video. Loved seeing the filmmakers take and the problem solving he describes was really creative.

And if y'all haven't seen Shazam yet, please do. Such a cute and wholesome film.

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Damn I still have to see this. :shock:

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Finally got around to seeing this.

It's really good. Like, shockingly, and from the DCEU. Probably my second favorite DC film after Man of Steel.

Ending was fantastic fun.

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