Ghost in the Shell (2017)

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Ruth wrote:I don't get slamming those who are still not fully on board with this, people have their reasons, say what you will. Not having seen the anime (i'm just slow as fuck), I will refrain from further judgement, apart from my initial "wtf" reaction and the fact that hollywood does have a problem, but I like the whole vibe going on. I ain't boarding the hype train just yet tho, I don't wanna be fooled by a good trailer like I've been many times before lol
Yeah like the film looks pretty all right and I too like the vibe. Definitely going to read the manga and watch the anime. But it would have been nice seeing a Japanese actress take on the role. Aside from Lucy, how many films really make money from star power alone?

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I just don't like the Scarlet choice here. I think everything looks near-perfect but I feel she's ruining all of it, and not because she's white. She gives off an "I don't care" vibe, she's too Black Widow and she's also too human. I think she needs to be more Vikander and less herself. I'm excited for Michael Pitt and Michael Wincott though.

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Well it does look pretty

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Well... ScarJo is definitely going to ruin Motoko for me if that lameass smirk is best she can do.
prince0gotham wrote:I think she needs to be more Vikander and less herself. I'm excited for Michael Pitt and Michael Wincott though.
Goddamn, she'd have ruled!

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The entire shelling sequence:

+Fan Edit with Kenji Kawai background:

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This is pretty terrible and all over the places. Scarlett Johansson CGI body is all over the places too. The reason the trailer is pretty meh because the GITS anime was and is still holding up really good and all the live action is doing is trying to do shots for shots copy of it so if you have already seen the anime version this one just look like a cheap imitation.

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that sequence hnnnng

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I would prefer it if everyone excited for this saw Under the Skin instead.

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Snow White was also a feast for the eyes and ultimately an above average film. I'm not going to be persuaded by a trailer. There have been after all plenty of faux-Blade Runners over the years. With Valeryan I could at least say that I dig Besson's filmography to some degree.£

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I think a much better trailer would have been directly the Shellcasing scene + original score + a collection of clips no longer than 10 seconds at the end of the trailer. Then again I don't know how you sell the shellcasing scene to a new audience.

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