Most anticipated movies of 2015

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We're halfway through 2014, it's time to take an inappropriately early look at 2015.

1. Silence (Scorsese)
2. Triple Nine (Hillcoat)
3. The Revenant (Inarritu)
4. Bond 24 (Mendes)
5. Midnight Special (Nichols)
6. Jurassic World (Trevorrow)
7. Star Wars Episode VII (Abrams)
8. In The Heart of the Sea (Howard)
9. The Fantastic Four (Trank)
10. Untitled Chrismas Eve comedy (Levine/Rogen/Gordon-Levitt)
To Reach the Clouds (Zemeckis)
Crimson Peak (del Toro)
Tomorrowland (Bird)
Mad Max: Fury Road (Miller)
Cyber (Mann)
Inside Out (Docter)
Pan (Wright)
The Jungle Book (Favreau)
Chappie (Blomkamp)

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Well, consider Ant-Man wiped the hell off of my list.

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Top 5 right now;

The Revenant
Woody Allen/Joaquin project
Crimson Peak
Star Wars

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1-Star Wars: Episode VII (Abrams)
2-The Hateful Eight* (Tarantino)
3-Silence (Scorsese)
4-Cold War Thriller* (Spielberg)
5-Bond 24 (Mendes)
6-The Revenant (Inarittu)
7-Tomorrowland (Bird)
8-The Walk (Zemeckis)
9-Terminator: Genesis (Taylor)
10-Avengers: Age of Ultron (Whedon)
11-Crimson Peak (Del Toro)
12-Fantastic Four (Trank)
13-Chappie (Blomkamp)
14-Jupiter Ascending (Wachowskis)

*if it comes out in 2015
pretty epic year

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1) Star Wars: Episode VII (J.J.Abrams)
2) Jurrasic World (Colin Trevorrow)
3) Blondie (Andrew Dominik)
4) Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller)
5) Silence (Martin Scorsese)
6) Cinderella (Keneth Branagh)
7) Chappie (Neil Blomkamp)
8) Crimson Peak (Guillermo Del Toro)
9) Tomorrowland (Brad Bird)
10) Fantastic Four (Josh Trank)
Others: Jupiter Ascending (Wachowskis) , Avengers: Age of Ultron (Whedon), Fast and Furious 7 (James Wan), In The Heart of the Sea (Howard), Pan (Wright), Little Mermaid (Coppola), The Revenant (Iñárritu)... and NO Ant-Man! :judge:

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Star Wars: Episode VII - J.J. Abrams
Jurassic World - Colin Trevorrow
Frankenstein - Paul McGuigan
The Jungle Book - Jon Favreau
Pan - Joe Wright
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - Guy Ritchie
Cinderella - Kenneth Branagh
Mad Max: Fury Road - George Miller
Fantastic Four - Josh Trank
Terminator: Genesis - Alan Taylor
The Bourne Legacy 2 - Justin Lin

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I bet Blonde won't come out until 2016.

1. Silence
2. Everest
3. Midnight Special
4. Crimson Peak
5. The Revenant

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theseeker9175 wrote:I bet Blonde won't come out until 2016.
Don't say that. I want my Blondie sooner rather than later. :(

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Dream-Xtractor wrote:Joy

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