Transcendence (2014)

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11072014 wrote:
Allstar wrote:
Robin wrote:And unlike some of you I'm not looking forward to the endless parade of mediocrity that is the rest of this summer (Marvel, Godzilla, remakes etc)
But all those movies look better than this, Godzilla by a long shot. :shifty:
I'd choose Transcendence over TASM2
Meet to. I do not how I feel about this movie yet. The concept is pretty cool but the trailers are mediocre right now.

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Was more hyped when we just had the first trailer. This looks so-so right now but I'll still check it out.

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Russ Miller ‏@russmillerdrums 20. feb.
Happening now, RMI Studios: movie session w/ film composer Mychael Danna & mix-engineer Brad Haehnel @MapexDrumsUSA
Russ Miller ‏@russmillerdrums 22. feb.
Finished drum trx for "Transcendence" starng Johnny Depp. Opens 4/17. Mapex Saturn 4 sounds amazing! @MapexDrumsUSA

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Has there been any reshoots. I saw a photo of a AD with a RIP Sarah Jones that was pretty new. :gonf:

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Tracklist & sample audio in the link.
1. Transcend (1:16)
2. Far from What They Were (1:07)
3. Will and Evelyn (2:29)
4. Four, Maybe Five Weeks (3:51)
5. Building Will (4:15)
6. You Cannot Say (2:00)
7. Is Anyone There? (2:44)
8. Online Now (3:14)
9. Reservation Under Turing (1:40)
10. Get off the Grid (2:15)
11. We Had Crossed the Line (1:36)
12. Building Brightwood (2:10)
13. Two Years Later (3:03)
14. Healing the Sick (4:09)
15. Why Are You so Afraid of This? (3:47)
16. It’s in the Rain (3:35)
17. The Only One He Trusts (2:15)
18. Found a Way Back (2:07)
19. Why Did You Lose Faith? (4:58)
20. I Can See Everything (2:57
21. Always Was (2:54)
22. Garden (1:12)

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So far it sounds...generic.

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It sounds like summary of the script :)

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Doesn't need it's own thread. Lock.

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wait kate mara is in this oh hell yes how did i not know this

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