Sicario (2015)

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In peace, in peace.

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Quieres morir?
It's beautiful how they mutilate the bodies

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Opened today in SA, saw it in an empty theatre. I like it. Has great moments. Not alot happens, but I was invested. I'd say on par with Prisoners for me. 9,5/10 will watch again.

You're asking me how a watch works...
Law wrote:For now, just keep your eye on the time.
^Love this line.

Benicio Del Toro is boss yo.

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Durden wrote:
Dream-Xtractor wrote:9.5/10
Sexy avy.

Thoughts on the film?
Same to you ;)

Fantastic film, everything I want in a gritty, intense thriller. The whole cast were great, but Del Toro absolutely stole the show. Villenueve just continues to rise up my list of favourite directors around right now.

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AsianVersionOfET (10/10)
Cilogy (10/10)
MyCocaine (10/10)
the_red_ninja (9.5/10)
Law (9.5/10)
Dream-Xtractor (9.5/10)
Durden (9.2/10)
oracle86 (9/10)
Now Where Was I ? (9/10)
Panapaok (9/10)
antovolk (9/10)
shauner111 (9/10)
prowlercomesaround (9/10)
Vader182 (8.8/10)
solo2001 (8.7/10)
Michaelf2225 (8.6/10)
BlairCo (8.5/10)
JohnConstantine (8.5/10)
ArmandFancypants (8.5/10)
RIFA (8.4/10)
Jedisunscreen (7.9/10)
Sky007 (7.5/10)

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Come onnnn where's the 1 hater to ruin the fun? :lol:

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MV you can go ahead and change my rating to a 9.5

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I think I'll go with 9/10. Was on the edge of my seat for almost half the movie lol. So good.

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I have so much to say about this movie, I doubt I'll be able to say it all. First of all, it's beyond good. The direction, the cinematography, the acting, the score, the sound design are all top notch and then some. If Villeneuve doesn't get a directing nom, there is no justice in the world.

Also... Benicio. Fucking. Del Toro. He has to get a nomination. Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin were amazing as well, of course.

The beginning was great, the middle was great, and the end was great. Guess that means this was a great movie.


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I remember we had almost no Prisonsers haters either. anyone?

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