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Very much agree with your post Ruth. Even if it wasn't chess but a card game, I did a lot of competition from 14 to 20 years old, at a quite high level, and I really loved how they recreated this atmosphere of being surrounded by people who only talk about it, the excitement to meet them, the excitement to be accepted in the "club".
I find the desire to win to be something very toxic, and as you explained the show is very ambiguous about it. This makes the last episode kind of fail on a thematic level.

The last episodes are also not as well paced as the first five imo.
The flashback structure brings all the momentum to the Paris tournament, which ends very quickly. I would have loved to see the entire evening where she gets drunk in Paris, but the show doesn't get as dirty as it could when dealing with addiction. Like it didn't make me uncomfortable the way The days of wine and roses had for example.

I really like the four first episodes, and I still think it's a very good show. Is it over-praised? Well, Marielle Heller isn't praised enough. She makes such a compelling character, and is likely the reason why I find the first half stronger than the second.

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