World War Z 2

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I'm down for anything when it comes to Fincher.. but why this though :blank:

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That's one of the last things I expected. I was t crazy about the idea at first but I would like to see Fincher try another big budget film, he hasn't done one since his failure with A3 which was forever ago and wasn't even his damn fault. Definitely will be better than the first one.

Just wondering, what ever happened to that Strangers on a Train remake?

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I really would've liked Fincher doing Captain Nemo movie than WWZ2.

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Fincher in
However, it has now been confirmed by no less an authority than the recently appointed head of production at Paramount, Jim Gianopulos, who tells The Hollywood Reporter that the studio are “in advanced development” on the ‘World War Z’ sequel, with Fincher directing and Pitt starring.

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im just hoping he doesn't back out.

We all know the history of big filmmakers dealing with studios on major titles.

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Not long after the events of the first film, people live in the safe zone from zombies. Thanks to the camouflage vaccine, humans are mostly safe. The vaccine only works for 36 hours. Worldwide armies have not been able to rout the zombie hordes. Even worst, political tension has gripped the planet, different countries military factions are threatening to fight each other.

Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family are still in Halifax, Canada. In Geneva, Dr. Morel, a brilliant virologist has created something called E29. An airborne virus that will make zombies attack each other. A planet wide offensive against the zombies has been planned using E29. Laboratories everywhere are waiting for the genetic sequence to create it. Dr. Morel disappears before sending the last information necessary to finish it. Gerry travels the world to find her and figure out what happened. (Geneva, Singapore and Bangladesh) Something even worst has happened, zombies are now immune to the camouflage. Humanity has nowhere to hide, and it’s a race against time to find Dr. Morel. ... y-details/

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I'm so happy we're finally getting a new movie from Fincher after Gone Girl.

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lol still have to process that he's actually making this

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Am I the only one round here who actually liked WWZ? Wonderfully shot, several memorable scenes, driven by B-Pitty charisma and I liked that girl, something unique about her. My only real complaint was how they really needed to make a hard-R movie in the end, third act was renamed pussy act. Haven't red the book so that's one handicap less as well, it's probably a better experience on paper.

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