FIFA World Cup 2014

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Such beautiful moment when Miroslav Klose scored his goal. I looks like my dream will come true.
An epic final between my neighbours Germany and Holland.

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oracle86 wrote:Image

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man this game is fun to watch lol

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"The United Nations is currently wondering if they need to intervene."

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Fred is probably the most hated man in Brazil right now. Alongside the rest of his team and there incompetent manager.

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That's some damn fine German efficiency. 6 goals, 15 to go :wtf:

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The talk here in Germany is that someone overheard that the brazillian team has the highest amount of players that go to therapy. So the rumor is that that inspired a highly offensive strategy with the idea that if brazillians really have such weak psichy then one or two early goals would nearly destroy it.

aaand 7:0

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oh my god...

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Has anyone seen my totem? I feel the need of checking it. :wtf:

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