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I think he/she is from Mirkwood... eer, Dunkirk board. Clearer now innit?

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Demo wrote:
Ruth wrote: Ire? I can't deal with others' opinions? Do you... do you even know me? lol And I don't mean making assumptions from a few posts, because a very mentally capable person (unlike me) totally wouldn't do that duh, but knowing me as good as some of the other members here do, who, like, can usually tell whether I'm being serious on these boards :thumbup:
I retract my comments about you, and apologize. I took a look at my short post history to find any altercations you and me might have had, and couldn't find anything in particular. You don't appear to be one of the emotionally charged posters that engaged with me. My bad.

Apologies. :shifty:
All cool. :thumbup: I mean, I'm definitely not a saint, but I'd like to believe my confrontations here are mostly meant for the greater good or something like that :angel: Besides, a lot of what happens here, with some exceptions, isn't even that deep, and I've personally said I don't hold any kind of malice against anyone here before.

EDIT: Hopefully my martyrdom back during the Interstellar times will never be forgotten though

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Master Virgo wrote:Vader's meanness is part of his charm, Tilford would have learnt that in time if he'd stuck around. In case he has in fact left because of Vader's jest that is.£
If anyone's meanness is part of his charm its Cilogy, not Vader182 lol

i always read this but i dont think ive witnessed cilly being mean ever

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Full Season 1 Soundtrack details is being released on 5th of December. ... k-details/

Track list:
Disc 1:

1. Main Title Theme – Westworld
2. Sweetwater
3. Black Hole Sun
4. Paint it Black
5. This World
6. Online
7. No Surprises
8. Dr. Ford
9. A Forest
10. Reveries
11. Nitro Heist
12. Motion Picture Soundtrack – Vitamin String Quartet
13. Freeze All Motor Functions
14. Pariah
15. Fake Plastic Trees
16. MIB

Disc 2:

1. The Maze
2. House of the Rising Sun
3. Trompe L’Oeil
4. What Does This Mean
5. Something I Can Never Have – Vitamin String Quartet
6. White Hats
7 Back to Black
8. No One’s Controlling Me
9. Memories
10. No Surprises (Stride Piano)
11. Violent Delights
12. Someday
13. Sweetwater Stride
14. Do They Dream
15. The Stray
16. Bicameral Mind
17. Exit Music (For a Film)
18. Reverie
Track previews are on Amazon.

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mfw i start to read and it says "disc 1"


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34 tracks, almost 1 hour 50 minutes worth of music.

I can't handle that much.

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OH COME ON @ Exit Music piano cover that's so evidently in the finale haha

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After catching every other episode on time for the premier so far, tonight I have to work at 8 just an hour before the finale begins and I wont be home until 2am... blaah

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