HBO's Westworld

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Not a fan of Person of Interest, but we'll see.

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Lol this old trailer has got me interested. An adaption is needed though.

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That trailer (re-release, or fan-edit, etc.?) is kickass.

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Premise sounds interesting, 2014 is going to be huge for Nolan fans, Westworld, Transcendence, Interstellar and POI continuing. :gonf:

Any chance of putting Westworld and Person of Interest on main page?? Instead of only Snycopy films that section should be "Syncopy Films and TV shows", something like that. Just a recommendation. Image

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Once I read that it was going to be on HBO I instantly knew this was going to be great. I love the premise as well

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Intriguing premise... How good is the film?

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I've only seen the first five episodes of Person of Interest and Jonah's original idea is good, but god it feels limited by his budget. Him working on cable might be glorious...I like the way his career is shaping up right now. If he can became a big name in the TV industry with Chris continuing to deliver masterpieces on the big screen, life would be perfect

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Both PoI and Westworld deal with AI.

Jonah has done some serious research about AI for PoI, so I'm hoping for some hardcore science.

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I hope Jonah continues to write and direct for Person of Interest too. He is the reason I started watching POI. Is there many examples of show runners running two shows simultaneously?

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