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They always seem to assign these positions but nothing seems to change.

Will Hamada actually be able to plan a great universe or will WB execs keep butting in? The major problem with these films is the corporate oversight. Just because they appoint a promising and talented figure to oversee the films does not guarantee that WB won't find some way to mess it up.

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I agree, so much studio interference, will even matter who is hired.

Hamada's resume

A Nightmare on Elm Street (producer) (announced)
2017/I It (executive producer)
2017 Annabelle: Creation (executive producer)
2016 Wolves at the Door (executive producer)
2016 Within (executive producer)
2016/II Lights Out (executive producer)
2016 The Conjuring 2 (executive producer)
2015 The Gallows (executive producer)
2014/I Annabelle (executive producer)
2014 Into the Storm (executive producer)
2013 47 Ronin (executive producer)
2013 The Conjuring (executive producer)
2013 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (executive producer)
2011 Final Destination 5 (executive producer)
2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street (executive producer)
2009 The Final Destination (executive producer)
2009 Friday the 13th (executive producer)
2007/I Whisper (producer)
2002 Sorority Boys (producer)

At least Justice League Dark might have a chance lol

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Have you guys heard the rumor that they might be casting Birds of Prey soon?

Keep in mind, we get casting rumors all the time before ComicCon so idk if this time around is true or not (probably not).

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Are you going to audition?

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Pratham wrote:
June 26th, 2018, 1:28 pm
Are you going to audition?
I should honestly. I'm going to New York in like August. I should probably hang around the right places and see what info I can get.

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If Ben and Henry truly do end up walking, I'm just done with these movies honestly except for Wonder Woman. And I'm pretty sure Leto is going to walk too.

I gave DC waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too many chances.

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