Man of Steel (2013)

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07202012 wrote:
SomeFrenchToast wrote:But why does Clark say "Excuse me" then?
I have I feeling he leaves the interrogation room after that to deal with Zod, so maybe that's why he says: "Excuse me."
Excuse me... But this looks like a job for Super-Bzzzzz!
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8 million views already? Wow.

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well this surely will break a lot of records

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Man, this is gonna be soooo good! The trailer is amazing! but, of all the great stuff in it, what best caught my attention was Zimmer's music. :clap: don't know if this piece is specificaly for the trailer or if it's part of the soundtrack, but my feeling is that Zimmer will do it again.

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Downloading a Russian DCP package of the new trailer, should be able to extract Zimmer's audio from there :) Audio is LPCM so should be able to get you guys both FLAC and MP3 and YouTube versions of these. :-D

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Red Hood wrote:I think this might be the last shot:
I think so too. If not that exact scene, then something similar.
I also think Lois's voice over ("To some he was a guardian angel, to others a ghost..") is heard at the final scene.
Just a hunch...

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Stating the obvious, but an amazing trailer. Must have watched it like 30 times by now, and I'm amazed by it every single time.
I think Zack Snyder outdid himself on this one, it looks spectacular. And as long as the story is by Nolan&Goyer, I'm really optimistic.
Don't wanna jinx it, but I really think it'll be one of the best superhero movies of all times, on the same level as TDK (which for me is the best comic / superhero film ever, and one of the best films ever made).

TLDR: I wish it was 2 months from now already!!!!

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RyanRises wrote:I hope Superman spins the world in reverse, turning back time and neatly tying up everything.

I remember watching Richard Donner cut of Superman II, loving it way more that the original movie until this terrible turn-around-the-earth-for-a-second-movie-in-a-row :facepalm: (Clark kissing Lois was better as a scene)

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I'm getting ahead of myself, but this might be a great setup for a sequel. Warner Bros. might be handling this material just right with the world building with touches like LexCorp with perhaps our first introduction to Lex within the sequel(like the Joker in TDK...ah maybe ah ah ah you like?)

People will really question Superman after Zod strikes, but he will get to explain himself.

I don't think he will be called Superman till maybe the very end within an story written by Lois. Perry White calls Lois into his office and she's greeted by of course....Clark Kent. Credits.

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I loved it! :clap: :clap: :clap: Maybe Snyder will actually make something good this time.
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