Chappie (2015)

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Thanks for giving it a chance yo.

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Couldn't catch this in theaters - my city simply didn't have many showings. But I'll definitely see it, sooner or later.

Still sad to see Blomkamp isn't doing as great as some of us wanted, at this point I barely even care about that new Alien movie..

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the_red_ninja wrote:Thanks for giving it a chance yo.
Had to, District 9 left a lasting mark on me so there was still some hope in my book, even after lackluster Elysium.

Blomkamp is an excellent world builder and his modestly budgeted movies always end up looking like much pricier productions. This time though the movie itself was really bad... Die Antwoord took the spotlight and not because they were particularly effective, Jackman's villain was laughably villanous and the whole plot was extremely predictable from the very first, Robocop inspired minutes.

I'll just sit and wait it out for Alien 5... so far it's been great, solid and meh for me with Neil.

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I loved it.This was like the best robocop sequel/remake possibly made. Jackman is like a boorish Dick Jones. Some fantastic scenes in it.

Chappie is one tough , fun and sensitive fuck mother.

Only bad thing is Dev Patel. Dude is horrific in it.

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Rented this from Redbox and watched it earlier tonight. Hated it and couldn't wait until the credits started rolling.

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