Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

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Shame we'll never get to see the director's cut..

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celibate wrote:This Ridley classic is on HBO tonight . Here we go..
I've seen the light.

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I'll give yall a gem from the beginning of the film. The key to understanding the film is following the subliminal language.

In the beginning of the story we are told of a prophecy of one saving another and being a chosen leader. The two figures who are the obvious subjects of the tale are painted as skeptics of Egyptian religion, atheists/rationalists. Once the prophecy is fulfilled they both choose to wrestle against the fact of the matter. We are shown that Egyptian religion is not separate from what would be our idea of news and pop culture since the recording of the battle will be communicated to all civilians via sacred writing. This fact does not escape the pharoah , and when Ramses naively chooses to repaint the intervention of Moses as an intervention of the Gods, he asks Ramses if he Would like to revise any of the narrative. Not realizing the significance of what he is doing due to his atheist nature, Ramses overlooks the fact that this action deifies Moses as a God in Egyptian religion and communicates this idea to the entire population. Inception.
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m4st4 wrote:I've seen the light.

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