What Was the Last Episode of TV You Watched

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This was like weeks ago but I binged watched the first season of The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell.

It's a cooking and arts and crafts show so let's get that out of the way. But then on top of that, it also has a plot that goes on throughout the season. Christine lives in a house with this ancient Egyptian cat, this raccoon that she saved by sewing together different pieces of animals, this beast in the basement, a werewolf dude thing, and a ghost in the mirror who is portrayed by Dita von Teese.

Each day there is a new reason to do a new craft. Like baking a cake for a new friend, making an elaborate chicken pot pie for a potential serial killer boyfriend, making a chocolate tea set for a pyromaniac cousin whose husbands seem to always die.

It's a genuinely engrossing and funny show. Idk if I'll ever make the elaborate cakes or cookies she makes but it's a great watch if you like stuff that's gothic, comedic, and overall weird.

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The pilot to "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" was god damn great.

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Les Revenants: Such a letdown. Another "mystery" where characters withhold information from one another, and always act irrationally.

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"The Spoils of War'. One of the best GOT episodes of the entire show.

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Been watching this show called Wanderlust on Netflix. Toni Collette stars in it and the show overall is pretty good.

My major complaint is that there are too many characters and it can take focus off of Collette's character and her character's husband who is played by Steven Mackintosh. But other than that, it's a pretty good show and it's been helping me go through some of my own problems strangely enough.

The basic premise is that a married couple finds themselves in a bit of a rut so they open up their marriage.

It kind of helped me out with my own rut and in realizing how I can change my circumstances.

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Has anyone here watched that show You?

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Veep - S07E04 - South Carolina

Veep without Armando Iannucci and his team is Not Great, Bob.

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The Haunting of Hill House

I finally finished the series. Holy shit, this was sooooo good. I loved every second.


Yeah.. I am tired of these types of stories being the only thing Arab Americans are telling but I am also tired of everything else depicting us as terrorists or other problematic Orientalist portrayals *cough* Aladdin *cough* *cough*.

I squealed when I heard “Ahwak”, never thought I would hear the glorious Abdel Halim on American airwaves. Hands down the best part lol.

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i was only going to report back once i’ve finished the entire season, but per others’ recommendations, i just watched episode 7 of The Terror (2018) and
EEEW mr. hickey is such a fucking creep i just had to let this out into the universe
watching this show simultaneously with chernobyl was an interesting choice

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Double posting cuz my last one was 2 days ago.

So I finished the first season. I really liked it, and I’m liking it the more I think about it, but I can’t really consider this some sort of a spiritual predecessor to Chernobyl like I’ve seen some do. I think it’s mostly because of the supernatural element, which I sort of feel conflicted about. I get why comparisons do arise though.
I’m really mixed about the entire Tuunbaq/Inuit people subplot. It conveys very well just how out of place the expedition people were, and adds a real, unique element of horror to it, but as the show progresses, it sort of dwindles out for me. Several things didn’t help it - the wobbly CGI (I get the budget limits), which is not too big of a deal, but I kind of feel like it takes away the scariness by revealing what they were up against. Maybe the “monster” should’ve never been shown fully, to both the crew, and the audience - though that would be difficult to pull off, which is why I kind of feel the whole thing was maybe not necessary. The real life horror of people stranded in foreign, desolate lands going mad and slowly dying off feels like enough.
I’m also mixed about Hickey.
What starts out as an intriguingly twisted character, perfectly mirroring the growing paranoia and deteriorating mental state of the crew, quickly crosses over to cartoon villain territory as soon as the ‘mutiny’ gains full steam. I feel like his natural progress is broken, because the show goes overboard wanting to position him as this evil threat to the crew, adding further “despicable” elements to his character, turning him into this absolutely irredeemable cult leader type of thing, but ultimately it... idk it feels overblown? I think Crozier’s reply to Hickey once he reveals he stole someone’s identity to get aboard really sums up how I feel about the character - instead of overcomplicating, he “could’ve just joined up”. Although I gotta say, the execution - the performance, is terrific, so the character sort of gets a pass anyway. You just want to wipe the island’s terrain with his face so bad. I both enjoyed watching this, and was continuously low key freaking out all the time lol.
The acting across the board is really amazing, like, I’m struggling to think of a weak link, because there is none. The atmosphere is just so well done, I read people complaining about the fake ice, but I kind of liked that stage play-like setting, because I feel like this also could’ve been a great stage play. The chemistry between the characters, and their isolated surroundings creates perfect intensity on its own, and it just pulls you in. The first few episodes feel a bit slow, but the pace gets better later on. I have to say, thinking and reading more about the events, it’s such a gloomy story all around.

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