The Batman (2022)

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I think it has a very strong atmosphere and visual identity already, I am sold on it completely. Still, I am not expecting any sort of cinematic miracle, I just really want to see a new Batman film and character that I feel I can stand behind. I might be an old Nolan fan, and his Batman films really arrived at a time in my life when they had the biggest impact on me possible, so I had a soft spot for the hero ever since. But I still believe Batman is one of the most cinematically appealing figures in the comic book lore, one that can be very human and larger than life at once. Someone said that this looks like emo Batman, and I see what you mean, but I have faith in the film. I hope it's not going to be Snyder levels of brooding (and boring). The whole thing feels both refreshing and familiar. I'm looking forward to it.

And please, just leave the Joker out of it, at least for a while.

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Absolutely loved it. Visually it blew my mind, this dirty look that looks almost like Seven with some BR 2049 vibes. It looks very angry and Batman's tools look very DIY.
The approach to make Batman less corporate-like and more like a thug brings a fresh air.

Also those action scenes look fire. Very very excited for this!

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