Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021)

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Angelina Jolie is teaming up with Hell or High Water scribe Taylor Sheridan for an original thriller titled Those Who Wish Me Dead.

Jolie would star while Sheridan, who wrote the script, will direct, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Bron Studios, which was involved in recent movies such as The Mule, Assassination Nation and A Simple Favor, are producing. Also producing are Steven Zaillian (Moneyball, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) and Garrett Basch via their Film Rites banner.

The project adapts a book by Michael Koryta but sources say the feature will veer away from certain points. The book told of a teen in a witness protection program hiding out from a pair of killers in a wilderness skills program while a fire engulfs Montana.

Sheridan’s script is described as being female-driven (the book’s female lead ran a fire lookout tower before being swept into the teen’s troubled life) and a by the seat of your pants chase movie. ... ce=twitter

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Looks good in the trailer. I've liked the majority of Sheridan's stuff (except Sicario 2) and think he's someone generally worth keeping up with like other writer-directors such as Alex Garland and Leigh Whannell. This new one's based on a book and it doesn't look like he wrote the script by himself this time.

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Not feeling the title; not feeling the cgi fire.

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I love Sheridan, so I really hope this is good

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