Anyone tend to skip bits when watching The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan's 2008 mega success about Batman's attempts to defeat a criminal mastermind known only as the Joker.
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I have this on Blu-ray and have seen it dozens of times. But I tend to skip most of it now and just watch Heath Ledger's scenes. Anyone else do this? His performance is absolutely timeless. I tend to skip the Two Face, Gordon, Batman scenes as they I find them quite tedious.

If you don't want a movie to get tedious don't watch it dozens of times.

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Never. I watch it all, every time. Why the hell would you want to skip sections of the film?

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Mason wrote:Never. I watch it all, every time. Why the hell would you want to skip sections of the film?
Because hes a fuckwad.

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The Dark Knight is more then just about The Joker you know. Unfortunately you couldn't see past the theatricality to truly appreciate this film. I find it kinda annoying when people say that The Dark Knight is all about The Joker and that everything else is secondary to him. The Dark Knight is so much more than just The Joke,r as fantastic as he was (RIP Heath Ledger). Heath Ledger's performance was part of a combination of a brilliant script, brilliant directing and brilliant acting from everyone else.

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Usually I like to skip the boat scene but that's it.

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I watch the whole thing...except a few times I skipped that one chase scene.
Do you... like pineapple?

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I skip Alfred's speech about tangerines because it's too disturbing/intense.

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I've never skipped any part of any Nolan film ever. I have far too much respect to pull that shit.

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