Why was Christian Bale so poor in this?

Christopher Nolan's 2008 mega success about Batman's attempts to defeat a criminal mastermind known only as the Joker.
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Bale's performance evolves and is distinct with each film. And yet it's the connective tissue.

He's excellent in TDK. I don't know how you judge it against him in the other films though. It's effectively the same performance.
Ah, böwakawa! Poussé, poussé...
Ah, böwakawa! Poussé, poussé...
Ah, böwakawa! Poussé, poussé...

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Bale's performance in TDK is solid. He brings the character to life, he convincingly emotes and conveys Bruce's/Batman's struggles, and in no way gives a good performance.

I think the perception of a "poor" performance comes from Dent being the protagonist of the film, rather than Bruce/Batman. This was a deliberate choice on Nolan's part (and he explicitly says so in the Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy book). Bruce does have a character arc, but it's shorter and more subtle than Dent's. Hence, Bale's acting doesn't attract the attention that Eckhart's (or Ledger's) does.

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This thread is a piece of shit and the thread starter should be embarrassed and quit watching movies.

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bale poor in a movie .... :facepalm: :facepalm:
theres no such thing

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He wasn't in any of the 3 movies.

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DoubleD wrote:Your opinion that Bale is poor in The Dark Knight is just that.


But that's just my opinion.

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gaspernoe wrote:Of all the the things that can be praised about this truly wonderful movie, Bale's performance isn't one of them. I didn't notice it at first when I first saw TDK in theaters because I was so immersed by the story and Ledger's epic performance. But on repeat viewings I noticed how stilted and one dimensional his performance. It's always been a conundrum for me, especially when Christian Bale is a pretty good actor. Even without Ledger's overshadowing performance Bale looked like a shell in TDK. He wasn't nearly as good as he was in TDKR and even BB.
did we we watch the same movie ?

Bruce Wayne is a billionaire what the fuck are you talking about?

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Sandy wrote:This thread is a piece of shit and the thread starter should be embarrassed and quit watching movies.
1000x this. Bale was as great in TDK as he was in the other two.

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