Batman Begins my experience

Christopher's 2005 reboot of the Batman franchise that tells the origins of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.
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Hi all,

So I'm not one to boast, I hate that sort of thing, But I thought I would tell all about my experience with 'Batman Begins'. I actually worked on the film. It was my 2nd ever real gig, and I was only a wee teen. I did it during my 'working period' before hitting film school a few years later, and then starting to work full-time in the industry.

I was hired as a 'day runner' someone that isn't on salary, but rather paid per-day (although the money comes quite a few weeks later! lol). It meant because I wasn't on salary, I wasn't on contract. But I ended up working on the show for a few months. I was basically the low-paid whipping boy, that ran a lot of errands and got worked pretty hard. But I loved it. It was a great experiance, one that really gave me a lot of confidence and fond memories. I got to see a lot of the stuff that was being made, which for 19yo kid was great!

I got to meet all the cast and even Nolan himself. The man was always a true gent. Even on the days we had a lot of 'attention' from people flying over from the states. It was a fun few months, and even got to return to attend the UK wrap party - which was great.

So enough bragging by mate - I hate it! lol. I heard from another member you might have been interested to hear this story. Just don't get the wrong idea that Im just boasting! lol.

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You are my new idol.
Brave New World

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Awesome. Nolan's "whiping boy" :lol:

Is Chris Nolan as god-like in person as we think he is?

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Always nice to hear from someone who has worked on one of his films :)
Welcome on the forum. Enjoy your stay. And don't mind the trolling that might occur around here.

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the_red_ninja wrote:Awesome. Nolan's "whiping boy" :lol:

Is Chris Nolan as god-like in person as we think he is?
He was a lovely guy. He always seemed to be pretty cool and focused, never saw him loose it like I have seen with other directors over the years. :D

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Batman Begins got me invested with the character in a way that no other depiction of the character in any medium of entertainment has ever done before in the past, not even the 90's animated series.

One of the greatest scenes in the movie (and any film, for that matter) is the party scene where Bruce has to shift into drunk mode in order to convince the guests to leave his house in order to protect them.

Even though I was fully aware of Bruce's intention in this scene, I still felt uncomfortable watching it... for all the right reasons.

I felt legitimately uncomfortable for the guests in this scene and could easily put myself in their place because Bale's performance was so thoroughly convincing.

What adds to the texture of this scene, is the conversation Bruce had earlier with Alfred:

Alfred Pennyworth: If those are to be the first of many injuries to come, it would be wise to find a suitable excuse. Polo, for instance.
Bruce Wayne: I'm not learning polo, Alfred.
Alfred Pennyworth: Strange injuries a non-existent social life, these things beg the question as to what exactly does Bruce Wayne do with his time and his money.
Bruce Wayne: And what does someone like me do?
Alfred Pennyworth: Drive sports cars, date movie stars, buy things that are not for sale... who knows, Master Wayne? You start pretending to have fun, you might even have a little by accident.

This paints a subtle, yet vivid picture of how Bruce feels about the class of people he associates with during the day in order to maintain his false persona, and you can tell he doesn't have as much fun with it as Alfred would like him too. So how much of this:

Bruce Wayne: No, really. Uh... There's a thing about being a Wayne that... you're never short of a few freeloaders, like yourselves, to fill up your mansion with, so, here's to you people. Thank you.
Fredericks: That's enough, Bruce.
Bruce Wayne: Mm... I'm not finished. To all of you, uh, all you phonies, all of you two-faced friends, you sycophantic suck-ups who smile through your teeth at me, please leave me in peace. Please go. Stop smiling. It's not a joke. Please leave. The party's over. Get out." actually an act?

This, along with may other brilliant moments in the film, are what makes this movie a cut above the rest of the genre and one of the top 5 most influential films of the 21st century!

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They 're so interesting posts.
Thanks for sharing the great information.

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