Why is Insomnia considered Nolan's weakest film when...

This 2002 remake of a Norwegian film follows a Los Angeles homicide detective dispatched to Alaska to investigate the murder of a local teen.
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RyanRises wrote:
Jungian wrote:The most weak screenplay, to be on point. But why? I will have to make this my mission. Why did Nolan cater so much to Hollywood elements when he never has done that before? Was it the Micheal Bay fan inside him? Probably..
lol you consider it his weakest.
Yea for sure his weakest in terms of cringing during the movie. But Bane on the other hand like The Joker totally stole the show and cool lines from Batman.

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No its not. Its very interesting film

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mine.drean wrote:No its not. Its very interesting film
Damn right.

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it is a great film but people don't care for it as much because
Nolan did not write it

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Inception 10
Memento 10
The Dark Knight 10
The Dark Knight Rises 9
Insomnia 9
Batman Begins 8
The Prestige 8
Doodlebug 8

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It's Nolan's weakest but it's still a very good film, I'd still give it a 7.5/10. I think with the Following,it's his least interesting work for me. You can tell this was made to show the studios he can work with a big name cast and work under a studio, it was probably a audition for the Batman reboot. Plus I prefer Stellan Skarsgard's 1997 film just cause it's a lot darker and downbeat.

The good things about it , Robin Williams is a very good sleazy villain, Nolan does a great job at keeping OTT Al Pacino under wraps and gives one of his better later years performance. Great to see the hugely underrated Martin Donovan, Nicky katt and Maura Tierney give good performances in small roles. I still think Hilary Swank isn't great in it, I think Nolan should have cast someone younger then Pacino maybe a Guy Pearce or Russell Crowe and played the role more like Skarsgard's Cop, a corrupt Cop who doesn't remorse killing his partner, who sexual abuses the flirty young teen girl, Sleeps with the Hotel woman (played by Maura Tierney in Nolan's Film), who teams up with the killer only to turn on him in the end and doesn't learn anything at the end of the film and goes on his merry way. Maybe it would have been to dark and downbeat not to have a flawed but heroic cop instead of a lowlife cop.

It's still a entertaining film and worth a watch but it be certainly down the bottom of many peoples list concerning Nolan's films.

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Because it's too conventional and predictable.

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I just watched it recently, having seen it years ago. It was much better than I remembered. Pretty tight writing from beginning to end, with sustained suspense and setup/payoffs. Though this Seven-ish genre movie isn't my favorite, I definitely see the intelligence of an uncredited Nolan rewrite; seems an improvement on the plot of the original, with great acting and atmosphere all around. Great final line, all he wants to do is sleep...

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I thought Nolan handled ,his Hollywood veteran cast rather well i have no clue why it's considered weak .

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