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The famous 2000 film that put Christopher Nolan on the map tells the story of a man on the hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.
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I've been thinking lately. I have previously written that John Gammell lied. Leonard knows his wife. She wasn't diabetic. So, John lied. There's no proof that Leonard's first victim was John G, especially since Teddy is John G. (I'm not saying he was the other rapist, the tattoo could be a huge lie) There isn't genuine proof that John Gammell is actually a police officer. (Especially with Dodd, at the diner where he doesn't claim to be a cop, nor in a situation where he considers taking Jimmy's shoes. Why would a highly paid officer drive a junker? Not a car that fits a dealer with 200 grand of drugs. Besides, his license plate would not match his real identity.)

What seems to fit to me now is based on what would be worse for Leonard to live with, to admit to himself? Had he searched and found the truth about his wife, over and over again? Is there a reason he doesn't have any real memento's of her, just ones he has apparently purchased recently before destroying?

Leonard knows his wife survived. He has created a lie in which his wife died, Leonard doesn't remember the truth. After the loss of his short-term memory, Leonard's wife left him. She took her stuff and simply started a new life. This would fit his tattoo that "She is gone" rather than saying that she was dead. It would also explain why he tries to recreate events with the prostitute. Most likely, Leonard started a repetitious cycle of searching and finding her, only to be devastated that she has permanently rejected him. The truth is so disturbing that he creates the tattoo story of what happened to his wife. He is "living a dream...a dead wife to pine for" and at the same time through a lie "a puzzle you can never solve." John Gammell found a way to satisfy Leonard's quest, create a John G character for Leonard to hunt and kill. How ironic that it turns against him and results in his own death.

Any other details to consider, such as Could John Gammell be living with Leonard's ex-wife? Does Leonard remember that Sammy's wife left him, dumping him into a mental facility? Realizing this story fits the 'Remember' tattoo, Leonard adds a different ending every time as John seems to indicate when saying "it gets better every time."

I welcome what others think about this, but explain why if you disagree rather than posting stupid fail pictures.

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The simplest solution is probably the best.

Here's an important link:

Notice his story here:
"I don't even know how long she's been gone." (not dead, gone)
"It's like I've woken up and she's not here."
"Somehow, I just know she's not going to come back."
"I know I can't have her back."
"I don't want to wake up in the morning thinking she's still here."
"...not knowing how long I've been alone."
This is a very telling statement. He does wake up thinking he's still with his wife.
The tattoo tells a story he does not remember, his wife being killed.
The Memento website seems to indicate he and his wife were attacked and that both were injured and in the hospital. (I prefer to see only the film. I don't like additional materials, but some of you may have seen it.)

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