Memento Mori Chronology (the true story of Memento)

The famous 2000 film that put Christopher Nolan on the map tells the story of a man on the hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.
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Then you'll never know who Lemmy is.

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Erwin Fortuin wrote:Then you'll never know who Lemmy is.
He is obviously a part of the puzzle you can never solve.

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You're missing the point of my post. I did solve the puzzle. It really is the true story of Memento.

Tell you what: just read the Three Notes (page 3, 4 and 5) in which the whole puzzle is laid down in 3 tables.
See if they tease you enough to continue and see how the puzzle fits.

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Erwin Fortuin wrote:You're missing the point of my post. I did solve the puzzle. It really is the true story of Memento.

Tell you what: just read the Three Notes (page 3, 4 and 5) in which the whole puzzle is laid down in 3 tables.
See if they tease you enough to continue and see how the puzzle fits.
Nope. You will have to bait better than that.

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No-one is going to read this thing. I looked at it and it made no sence at all. :crazy:
Brave New World

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It's nice that you are satisfied your own answers.
Your post doesn't give any logical details.
Post a page or two and see if we like it.

Why would Leonard strangle his wife? This is your weakest point that unravels your credibility.
Who do you believe John Gammel is? This is the key to the entire film.
Is it based on "The True Story Behind Memento" ? (a fan written 12 page dossier that told the real story hidden in the film?)

In other words, don't just say you have, prove you have.
Give us some evidence. Give us a point to discuss.

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I didn't realize that was just a joke.

I couldn't read any or the 3 boxes as my computer says all three contain virus files.

I did read one or two of your posts and you are not even a good liar.

his first high school love (Natalie). She is the one who gives Lenny the “I’ve done it!” tattoo.
So, Natalie was his girlfriend and his tattoo was about the football game?
That tattoo was part of his fantasy. Natalie only met Leonard after he killed Jimmy.
There is nothing in the film to indicate he ever met Natalie, yet alone as high school sweethearts.

"Lenny had no wife, got CRS, had a bad wive (???? do you mean Sammy's wife????) had a 2nd wife and killed her."

So Leonard married the old woman we see as Sammy's wife? What indicates this to you?
Leonard dated and married two people AFTER getting his condition?
Was Sammy's wife raped by John G.?
Your work won't ever be read.

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You can't read the files?

That's a shame. I could from work. I'm not really a computer kind-a-guy so can't help you there. But the story is extensively proven. I've added many screenshots and quotes to support it (from the movie, the short story and the website). I assure you I wouldn’t have posted it if I couldn’t prove it. That’s beyond my honour.

The reason it is so extensive is because of the introduction in which I explain how I found the true story. Lenny has 11 different identities. And to accept that even being possible the movie had to be deconstructed first. Then the main-concepts of a story of a man with CRS had to be discussed (incl. the most important clues). And only then the true story could be told, in small steps so everything is fully explained. It just isn't told (and proven) in a single post. The entire document consists out of:
- 25 pages = Deconstruction and main-concepts (incl. many screenshots/quotes)
- 35 pages = The actions of Memento (incl. many screenshots/quotes)
- 95 pages = Appendix (all the ‘goofs’ of Memento, with 2 screenshots per page)

If you are really interested in what happened to Leonard Shelby, you will not be disappointed. The 11 days of Lenny are a real rollercoaster. And I’m 100% convinced it is the true story.

That’s why I’m betting $100 on it.

Doesn’t anyone feel challenged?

PS: I'll give you a point to discuss: the identity-questions. One of the (5) concepts I explain is the way Lenny lives his live (or how any man with CRS would live his live). He can only start a 'day' when he has answers to his 'identity-questions':
- How did I get CRS?
- Where is my wife?
- Who is Sammy Jankis?
- Who is my foe?
- What is my condition?
The answers he has to these questions change many times (11 times) and Lenny's identity changes accordingly. You must have seen or felt some of these changes when you saw the movie. I explain (and again, prove) all 11 changes.

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What a bunch of crap.

"Natalie is Leonard's wife. Dodd is Jimmy."

You had a novel idea. It just will never fit.
You have created a puzzle you will never solve.
You are very confused.
This is equivalent to Jack Nicholson's book in The Shining.

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I just had to peruse the "explanation of all explanations" of Memento, if only to examine the unstable mental condition of its author.

A. All three woman, Jorja Fox, Carrie-Anne Moss and Harriet Harris are the same woman...Leonard's wife!
It is explained that Leonard dated Natalie in high school :crazy:

B. The "clue of all clues", the "Prime" a scene in the hotel in B&W....gasp! a reflection of Leonard!!!!
This explains everything and proves that all of the lesser facts are accurately explained.

C. Leonard's first wife died of an accidental overdose, also "because of bad drugs".
Leonard's second wife...SPOILER ALERT!!.......was strangled in the Leonard himself!!! :lol:
(So really, Leonard is hunting for himself. The guy he saw killing his wife was his own reflection. You fools missed that.)

D. Leonard killed Burt at some point.

E. Dodd's real name is ...John Gammell. You thought he shot 'Teddy' in the head, but it was really Dodd.
Leonard calls 'Teddy' to come over. He is really in the hotel room, not the warehouse you see. :o
The real 'Teddy' is the old guy in the bar who spits in Leonard's drink.
Leonard shares a hotel room with 'Teddy'...who is a bad cop...who is Dodd...whom Leonard also kills.

F. (This should clarify it all for you in order.)
1. Lenny hears Teddy in the hotel shower. He doesn't hit him with a bottle. He shoots and kills him.
2. Lenny is put in a mental hospital.
3. Lenny has no memories, so he fakes it by making up a story about his wife and is released.
4. Natalie is a nurse at the hospital and takes him home. ( I think he marries this Natalie)
5. Natalie goes into the bathroom.
6. Leonard forgets....hears Natalie in the shower and chokes her with the plastic shower curtain.
7. Lenny gets arrested and is put back in the mental hospital.
8. Lenny escapes through a window. He 'sees' the hospital as a tattoo parlor. :eh:
9. Officer Dodd chases after him, shooting at poor Lenny.
10. Lenny runs into the bar (it's really a gay missed that? )
11. Lenny thinks he is in Jimmy's clothes but it is really a hospital gown.
12. Natalie takes him home and gives him Jimmy's clothes.
13. Lenny strangles Natalie in the shower. :suicide:
14. Lenny starts hunting the man who killed Natalie in the shower.
15. I'm going to stop here as I doubt anyone will have read down this far.

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