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Re: Dunkirk General Information/Discussion

LeoCobb wrote:
January 21st, 2018, 6:50 pm
Master Virgo wrote:
January 21st, 2018, 6:24 pm
Now at #215 on IMDb. If nothing else this at least proves that people in there, didn't all rate Interstellar so highly out of fanboyism. They genuinely adored that movie.£
Yeah I’m kind of glad it’s rating isn’t as high, so people would shut up about that
by Frankthetank
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Re: Dunkirk Awards Season Discussion Thread

people hate me for my radical comments ... but lets face it.. Nolan wont win... even in the next decade he isn't goin to win..just becoz he is Nolan... If in any parallel universe Nolan had directed The Shape of Water, or Birdman or Revenant... he would still loose the trophy to someone els !! I me...
by Frankthetank
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Re: Dunkirk Industry/Celebrity Buzz

I’ve come to accept a gdt win at the oscars. I think nolan will win at bafta though bc it’s his own backyard. But if he’s gonna lose to anyone I’m glad it’s del toro. You can tell how nice of a guy he is, and how passionate he is about the art of cinema, and like nolan he has never been recognized e...
by Frankthetank
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Re: Football Discussion Thread

Ah man I thought this was a American football forum when I first clicked it. oh well :lol:
by Frankthetank
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Re: 2017-2018 Awards Season

Yeah I think Portman comments weren’t aimed at any of the nominees. I get that it made for an awkward moment for all ofthem, but they’ll be fine, and it was a quick and powerful way of criticizing the entire industry structure, where there absolutely should be more opportunities for women to direct ...