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by sanford
Forum: The Dark Knight Rises
Topic: The Dark Knight Rises' Ending
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Re: The Dark Knight Rises' Ending

I think the best and most fitting ending will be Bruce knowing he no longer needs to be Batman. The cops are all good now and can start taking care of Gotham. Bruce can finally be himself again.

Can't wait to see it!
by sanford
Forum: Inception
Topic: Inception-- The Abridged Script
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Inception-- The Abridged Script

Didn't see that this had been posted yet (if it is, just shut this one down) because I didn't feel like wading through 77 pages worth of topics. But I go to a lot to see abridged scripts this guy writes, and Inception is one of his most recent ones. Now, I love Inception, it was...
by sanford
Forum: Inception
Topic: Zero gravity?
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Re: Zero gravity?

I think the reason it didn't affect the third level and only the second was because it LOOKED INCREDIBLY BADASS.
by sanford
Forum: Batman Begins
Topic: christian bale vs val kilmer vs george cloney
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Re: christian bale vs val kilmer vs george cloney

I'm going to have to go with Keaton as Batman. Bale is great, but I grew up with the Keaton movies. He just looks the part to me. He'll probably always be my favorite.
by sanford
Forum: The Dark Knight
Topic: Joker copycat (in real life)
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Re: Joker copycat (in real life)

I wonder if Nolan or Warner Bros. (or Ledger even) ever worried about things like this happening. The performance was an extremely powerful one, and it's not difficult to see how a person in a certain frame of mind wouldn't be able to see things the way The Joker sees them. Interesting.
by sanford
Forum: Insomnia
Topic: Nolan on Insomnia
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Re: Nolan on Insomnia

Damn. That was a really good interview. Really good stuff written down. Thanks for the post!
by sanford
Forum: Fun & Misc
Topic: NBA Discussion Thread
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Re: The Official NBA 2010-2011 Season Discussion

All right, I've got to share some hometown love and say the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Durant had a fantastic season last year and had great people all around him. I can't wait to see how this season plays out for them because I know they'll be even better than last year.
by sanford
Forum: Movies & TV
Topic: your favorite DiCaprio movie?
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Re: your favorite DiCaprio movie?

Titanic's definitely my favorite movie of his. It's also my second favorite movie of all time. DiCaprio's just been picking such great roles lately. Shutter Island and Inception were incredible. I think he deserves a nomination for Shutter Island, personally. His scene at the end where he finds his ...
by sanford
Forum: Movies & TV
Topic: True Grit (2010)
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Re: True Grit trailer

It is kind of surprising that the movie was rated PG-13. But I guess the 1800s didn't have the vulgarity we have now. I'm sure there were more than enough shits and bastards to go around, but I'm not too disappointed in a PG-13 Cohen brothers movie. In fact, this just helps my argument that this wil...
by sanford
Forum: Movies & TV
Topic: Red Riding Hood (2011)
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Re: Red Riding Hood trailer (Dicaprio produced this)

That looks a weird mix of Twilight and The Wolfman. Why does DiCaprio do amazing work in things like The Aviator, Revolutionary Road and Shutter Island but when he produces something it's either this or Orphan?