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by Jax_Teller
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Topic: Elysium (2013)
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Elysium (2013)

Man, the script is brilliant. Really great read, this will be absolutely spectacular, Blomkamp cranking it up a notch ! This is just an unusual role for Damon, I expect him to be stellar, and man, Sharlto is going to be amazing, such a badass character, he will chew the scenery, I'm calling some awa...
by Jax_Teller
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Topic: Zombieland TV Series
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Zombieland TV Series

Man, it would have been awesome to bring back the actors, but I'm guessing that they're just super busy. Eisenberg, Harrelson, Stone were all perfect, Bresling I don't care about, but the others........ And I hope that the budget is high enough, but since it's an Amazon TV series, I have no idea wha...