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by MikaHaeli8
Forum: Batman Begins
Topic: The Nolan Fans Awesome Scale: Batman Begins
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The Nolan Fans Awesome Scale: Batman Begins

90%. Fantastic film (naturalmente), but not perfect. :)
by MikaHaeli8
Forum: Short Films
Topic: Doodle Bug
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Doodle Bug

Just managed to track it down on YouTube. Like pretty much everyone else on here has said, good for a chuckle but not much else besides. Definite signs of themes that would be explored later, though (the psychological aspect of the buzzing noise, for example).
by MikaHaeli8
Forum: News & Announcements
Topic: Welcome to the forums!
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Welcome to the forums!

Hi, I'm Mika Haeli (or Mika, haha :D ). Long-time Nolan fan and site visitor, shortish-term superfan, new site user. So, um, hi! *blushes, gives a little wave*
by MikaHaeli8
Forum: The Dark Knight Rises
Topic: Tom Hardy as Bane
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Tom Hardy as Bane

But there’s a certain level of militancy and violence and damage that I guarantee you I’m gonna bring to this.” He suddenly brings his fist down on the table between us. “I guarantee it!” When I read that in Empire, I wanted to smack my fist down on the nearest hard surface and yell "Bring it, Hard...