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Forum: Inception
Topic: A thematic take on the ending.
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Re: A thematic take on the ending.

Hah. Yeah. I had a similar epiphany when we were shown the scene of Mal ready to jump off the ledge. Nolan obviously wanted to convince us that Cobb and Mal were in the real world at that moment; he also wanted us to believe that Mal really was dead. But how do we know that for certain? Maybe the p...
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Forum: Inception
Topic: My Theory on Cobb and the Ending
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Re: Theory: Why Cobb is Still Dreaming

Im with you. I really think that the idea he was dreaming the whole time cheapens and bastardizes the whole movie. If he was, why? to what end? What does this accomplish? Ill twist your nipple further...what if the WHOLE thing was a dream, and no inception technology exists at all!!? WHAT IF MAL WA...
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Forum: Inception
Topic: Arthur's kick question?
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Re: Arthur's kick question?

Okay, guess I wasn't being completely clear. Sorry about that. First, let's define the kick. A kick is a falling sensation that causes you to wake up from a dream. Now, this falling sensation must come from the level above. Therefore, the kick to wake up from the hotel level was the van falling. Ho...
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Topic: why did Arthur make the blunder?
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Re: why did Arthur made the blunder?

Maybe Fischer's training was done with enough secrecy that there was no way Arthur could have found it. Good point, it would have to be. The only issue with that is that Arthur seems apologetic which makes me think he simply didn't do "enough" research for it. Luckily this is such a small plot issu...
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Topic: Why didn't Michael Caine?
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Re: Why didn't Michael Caine?

That's a great question that I look at two different ways- 1) It's a plot device without which there would be no emotional challenge for Cobb....OR 2) There is some discussion about the whole movie being one large limbo sequence. If that is the case then it seems Michael Caine's actions support that...
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Topic: So who came out slightly disappointed?
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Just wondering who came out disappointed, even if just slightly. It is an amazing film but i think it cud have been edited better, the action cud have been filmed better, maybe more time on the characters? I came out disappointed but still on ahigh note. It wasnt as good as i thought it would be an...
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Topic: Confirm or Deny?
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Re: Confirm or Deny?

Can anyone confirm or deny whether the scene that contains this famous still from the trailer is anywhere in the final film or not? I have no recollection of seeing it! Actually I think I can confirm it being in there. Early on (in the "first" dream sequence with Saito) when Mal is sitting on the c...