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by Vamos
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Re: Video Games

Damn...they really messed up with the graphics of that game for PS3. Doubt I'll buy it now in that state, will have to wait till next year when I get a PS4. Edit: Also seems to have a lot of bugs...
by Vamos
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Topic: Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)
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Re: Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens (2015)

Even Abrams is waiting anxiously...this pict is surely ripe for captioning...

by Vamos
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Topic: 'Interstellar' Reviews Discussion
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Re: 'Interstellar' Reviews Discussion

OK, maybe not "most" (or maybe yes) but A LOT. I read a lot of these reviewers regularly and they love to talk about being gay. Alfonso Duarte of The Wrap (who trashed Int) is gay. So is David Denby of New Yorker. OK the women are obvious. The guy at EW who trashed Int (but gave it a mysteriously p...
by Vamos
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Topic: Jurassic World (2015)
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Re: Jurassic World (2015)

Which movie was that? Cause honestly I'd like to give it a shot. To clarify my absolute statement, I really don't like the way she forces her voice to sound...dramatic enough? Instead it comes of as dishonest and fake. Don't know how to explain it better man... but anyway, I appreciate your opinion...
by Vamos
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Topic: Predict Rotten Tomatoes/IMDb scores
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Re: Predict Rotten Tomatoes/IMDb scores

Give it a year and then you'll have a more stable rating of Interstellar on IMDB. I remember Gravity having about the same rating a year ago and you don't see it in the Top 250 now. Not saying the same will happen with Interstellar but I do think it will drop a bit more.
by Vamos
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Topic: Inherent Vice (2014)
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Re: Inherent Vice (2014)

Great indeed, I really like the visual style of the promotional material / posters. Rather refreshing actually.
by Vamos
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Topic: Steve Jobs (2015)
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Re: Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic; Danny Boyle now in tal

This movie seems to be stuck in limbo. I was thinking Bale would have been perfect for it but he is not in it anymore, nothing seems clear about this film so far.